January 25 / 2019



Dear Parents,

As I have been asked to reflect on our mid-year Diploma examinations that begin today, I felt it only fair that I begin with a confession … I never wrote a high school exam.

In those days, when the snow was deeper, the hills steeper, and there were only 13 channels on T.V., you could get out of exams by pulling off some ridiculously low term mark (70%, if memory serves me). Yes, not everything was tough as nails in the twentieth century. And of course, I am here to tell you that my life was made poorer for it. Which is to say, our grade 11 and 12 students are lucky to be facing their exams.

Why lucky, you ask? Again, I return to the distant past to tell you about the first exam I ever wrote, which was at the end of first year university. For reasons that escape me now, I had signed up for first year Biology, and believe it or not, attended all lectures and labs. Every week more phylla, parts of the cell, and obscure processes and theories were poured into my brain. Did any of it make sense? Not a chance. And then I started studying for the final exam. It was one of the most exhilarating mental experiences to ever befall me. It was like turning on a light when you have been searching in the dark. Everything suddenly made sense - life (biologically speaking) had purpose!

So, when students tell me they are stressing over exams, I smile to myself and think, lucky you, for a light is about to shine in your life, and this world may finally start making a bit more sense.

Good luck to all our Diploma students, and especially our grade 12 students, whose February marks will be shared with universities for admission decisions.


David Hamilton

Head of Senior School

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