Beyond York - November 24 / 2017

Schulich Leader Scholarship

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The Schulich Leader Scholarship is an undergraduate entrance scholarship for students intending to enrol in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) at one of 20 Canadian or 5 Israeli universities. The award is valued at $80,000 over 4 years for the study of science, technology, or mathematics and $100,0000 over 4 years for the study of engineering. The final selection of the 50 winners will be carried out by the participating universities.

York is allowed to nominate only one candidate for this award. The nominee must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and possess two of the three following attributes:

  1.  Academic excellence
  2.  Outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership
  3.  Financial need

Profiles of former winners and more details about the award can be found at

In order be considered for nomination, interested students must write a short statement in which they indicate the nature of their interest in STEM subjects and their plans for post-secondary study in related areas. They must also provide a résumé outlining their extracurricular leadership and/or entrepreneurial activities. These documents must be submitted to Ms. Elliott by Friday, December 15. The successful nominee must arrange for two letters of reference (at least one of which must be academic). The nominated student will be given a link to the online application.

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Applicants to the Ivey AEO program

Some students have asked how to fill out the “Courses” section of the Ivey AEO application. Students do not have to enter all their courses, as these are available from the OUAC database. The information Ivey wants reported in this section is all the Grade 12 math courses you have completed or are currently completing AND any courses you have taken outside York. Each course must be entered individually.

In terms of recording the Grade 12 math courses, the easiest approach is to enter the Ontario name and course code of the courses you have taken or are in the process of taking—Studies (Data Management MDM4U), SL Math (Advanced Functions MFH4U; Calculus and Vectors MCV4U). Only MCV4U or MDM4U—should be recorded as in progress and dated 2017 (the year you started the course). If you have completed a credit outside the regular York School program, enter it with the year you started the course.


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Read Your Emails and Look out for Further Prompts or Next Steps

On many applications (Canadian and US), students applying to particular programs may have to complete additional essays. Queen’s commerce applicants, for example, have two prompts in addition to the Personal Statement of Experience. In the case of UBC Commerce, the two extra prompts (one, a video) appear only once a student has selected Commerce as a program choice on the online application. All students who have submitted payment to OUAC will receive confirmation emails with next steps instruction. IT IS CRITICAL to thoroughly read your emails and next steps. There are many “stealth” prompts and only the applicant is made aware of them.  

Hellmuth Scholarships at Huron University College

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Huron University College at Western awards ten Hellmuth Scholarships (valued at $30,000 over four years) to entering students who display outstanding academic achievement together with a strong record of extracurricular activities and community service. If you have an average of 90% or higher and have applied to Huron University College, you should consider applying for one of these awards. The application deadline is mid- February. You can download a copy of the application at:

Vic One Programme for Students Interested in Economics and Public Policy

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Victoria College (University of Toronto) Chambers Stream (a Vic One offering) is designed for first year students interested in economics, public policy, and other social science fields; unlike other One programmes, it is open to those enrolled in Rotman Commerce. It offers students an opportunity to bring an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of business and explore its broader societal connections. For more information go to:

Business in a Global Economy

Interested in attending a top-ranked business school that will prepare you to succeed in a global economy? HEC Montreal is one of the most highly recognized and accredited business programs in Canada, attracting students from across the country and from 140 countries outside Canada.
The Bachelor of Business Administration program allows students to graduate with either a bilingual or trilingual degree. You can study the first year in English or French and then proceed to take the remainder of your classes in a mixture of English and French (and Spanish, if you choose). There is a wide range of international exchange and internship options available. The application deadline is February 1,2018. For more information, check out HEC.

Update Your Naviance Account

Students are reminded that they must record the name of each university to which they are applying on their Naviance account. Please keep us up to date.


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