Beyond York - May 4 / 2018

Standardized testing for US colleges and universities
At this point, students who are considering applications to American colleges and universities for the new year will have discussed a schedule for standardized testing with their counsellor. Students have the option of writing either the SAT or the ACT. Many students wrote a diagnostic test called the Pre-ACT in Grade 10.

Many students have already taken the SAT or the ACT this year. Those planning to apply to more selective US schools may also be required to write SAT subject tests in a minimum of two or three areas. Many Grade 11 students will choose to try these for the first time on June 2. As this date is the weekend before your June exams, you will be in peak form in terms of your content knowledge. There is still time to register for the June 2 SAT subject tests by logging on to College Board by May 3.

Students who are planning to write the ACT can register for the June 9 test at before May 4.

Taking the tests this spring will provide you with a sense of your areas of strength and weakness and allow you to repeat tests next fall (if necessary) in order to maximize your results. It will also help you to decide which schools are appropriate choices.

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