Beyond York - December 8 / 2017

Special Invitation for York Students to attend the 12th annual London High School Case Competition at Western Ivey School of Business

Each year, the Ivey Honours Business Administration program hosts a case competition for high school students from London, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver each year.  By special invitation, The York School has been asked to participate.

Taking place on Saturday, January 20, 2018  at the Ivey Business School, at Western University, this event is geared for grade 11 students.  Some grade 10 and 12s may be able to join if space allows.

Participants can expect to learn about what Ivey’s Case-Method of Learning is and experience working with a team to solve a business problem. They will also have the opportunity to meet fellow students from different high schools, current HBA students, and Ivey alumni.

Take a look HERE to read the type of student profile they are looking for. If this is you or you have a burning desire to attend Ivey in the near future, please see Mr. Hanna before December 20th, 2017.

York will be required to send a team of 4-6 students and transportation arrangements will need to be arranged. Interested students can access the required online form here: *This will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.  

Main Event Page:

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Grade 11 Students: Business Info Session at Rotman Commerce at UofT

Experience Rotman Commerce is an event for Grade 11 students interested in finding out more about studying Business. The event will be held on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2018 From 10 AM - 1 PM in Desautels Hall at the Rotman School of Management. Registration is here.  

University of King’s College (Halifax) Scholarship



Two $50,000 entrance scholarships from the Donald R. Sobey Family are open to Canadian students entering the Foundation Year Programme at the University of King's College in Halifax. Candidates must demonstrate a record of academic achievement, proven leaderships skills, and involvement in school and/or community activities. The deadline application is January 15, 2018. Click HERE for more information. 

The new Daniel's Faculty of Architecture Building at U of T. 

The new Daniel's Faculty of Architecture Building at U of T. 

Daniels Faculty of Architecture at U of T

The Daniels Faculty offers an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree with two streams of direct entry study for undergraduate students: Architectural Studies and Visual Studies.

Located in the recently renovated and award winning space at 1 Spadina Road, Daniel’s is a sight to behold. One student project included renderings of models for Toronto’s planned railway redevelopment project and it’s an example of how you could achieve applied experience.

If architecture is for you, Daniels is a wonderful choice.