All Grade 12 students have successfully submitted their OUAC applications.

You can still add or delete universities and/or programs as you do additional research or wish to amend your choices in light of February grades. The last recommended date to submit such changes if you wish to be considered in the first round of admission is February 5. Some university programs will have earlier cut-offs. In addition, students should check to see if a supplemental application is required for programs of interest.

Many highly selective programs (engineering, business, fine arts, education) require a supplemental form that is generally available (and submitted) online, usually through a portal linked to your university ID number. Please be aware that there may be an additional charge for some of these supplements. It is also essential to check if a university requires prospective students to submit a separate application for residence (in some cases with an early deadline e.g. students wishing to live in residence at the University of Toronto must apply by March 31).


Some upcoming deadlines to note:

   Wednesday, January 16 @ 4 p.m.—Western University (Richard Ivey School of Business)

  • Friday, February 1—University of Toronto Engineering essay and 2 videos

  • Friday, February 1—Victoria and Trinity College supplement

  •  Friday, February 1—McMaster University supplemental essays (Arts & Science, Engineering, Integrated Science, Integrated Business and Humanities, Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences) Applicants to the Health Sciences program will be sent an individual deadline in February.

  •  Friday, February 1—York University (Schulich School of Business) leadership profile and video interview

  • Thursday, February 14—Western University (Scholar’s Elective Program)

  •  Friday, February 15—Rotman Commerce essay and video

  • Friday, February 15—Queen’s University (all programs) – PSE

  •   March 1-April 6—University of Waterloo Additional Information Form (deadlines vary by program). Note: It is recommended that you complete the AIF within 3 weeks of submitting your application on OUAC.

  • Wednesday, April 24—Laurier University Applicant Background Summary (Optional) If your marks are slightly short of the traditional cut-off for a program of interest, you should submit this summary of your co-curricular commitments. Please consult with your counsellor if you plan to do so.

Most universities will contact you after you have submitted your OUAC application with instructions on how and when to submit a supplemental application. Please explore the portal fully as there will be additional information about topics such as applying for residence. It is your responsibility to submit requested materials and meet stated deadlines; universities are very strict about these requirements.


Students Applying to U of T Engineering

Students who have applied on OUAC to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Toronto will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the required supplemental application.  For the regular round of admission, the submission deadline is February 1. Click here for a helpful overview.

In the Academic Profile section, go to Education System and add “International Baccalaureate.”  In the section for IB courses, there is a drop-down menu for Year 1 and Year 2 of the program. You only need to list your pre-requisite subjects.  For both Year 1and Year 2, choose predicted from the drop-down and for Year 1, select your June Year 11 grades. For Year 2, choose your most recent grade (either June Year 11 or January Year 12, depending on when you are submitting the application). Do not include plus/minus signs. The completion date will be May 2019 for both Year 1 and Year 2.

The university will receive your Ontario grades through OUAC so you do not need to list them.

It is important to recognize that the supplement requires students to answer three randomly generated questions. Two of these must be answered orally through an uploaded video. The other problem-solving question requires an essay answer of no more than 250 words, written online within a 10-minute period.

Updating of Grades to OUAC

Students who have applied to Ontario universities will have their academic information updated by Feb.10th to reflect the grades from the mid-year exams. Universities will be sent your current IB grades and the percentage grades for your equivalent Ontario credits. In April, the next set of grades will be submitted.

Each time that there is an update to the academic information, please visit the OUAC website to check the data and ensure that it is accurate.

Applying to Waterloo Engineering?

Be sure to complete the online video interview!

Waterloo engineering has added an optional online video interview component to the admissions process. You will be asked questions, given prep time, and allotted a set amount of time to respond. The system allows for unlimited practice sessions, but once you start the formal interview questions you only get one chance. One written and two oral responses are required. You will have to type in your Waterloo ID number (to ensure there are no mistakes in awarding points to the right person).

Applicants will receive a personal email with an individualized link, inviting them to participate in the video interview. This email will detail all applicable instructions and deadlines. Bonus points from the interview will have some impact on an applicant’s ranking during the admission decision process.


Out-of-Province Universities

All students are reminded that in order for The University Counselling Office to send transcripts to out-of-province universities, they must add these schools to their Naviance account.

In many cases, out-of-province applications have a spot for your OUAC reference number. McGill University and the University of British Columbia also require IB students to include their IB personal code on their application. Your IB information can be found in your Managebac account.

Deadlines for out-of-province universities vary:

·        Tuesday, January 15—Scholarship deadline for King’s College (Halifax)

·        Tuesday, January 15—University of British Columbia

·        Tuesday, January 15—Major scholarship deadline for Simon Fraser University

·        Friday, February 1—McGill University

·        Thursday, February 7—Major scholarship deadline for McGill University

·        Thursday, February 28—University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University

·        Friday, March 1—King’s College (Halifax), Concordia University, Bishop’s University

·        Friday, March 15—Dalhousie University


US Applications

All supporting materials (counsellor’s reports, teacher recommendations and transcripts) have been delivered to US colleges for all applications with deadlines prior to January 15. Please remember that it takes several weeks for universities to process the documents (even electronic ones) and update their portals.

We will submit the Mid-Year Reports with your latest grades by February 10. If there is any additional information concerning your extracurricular activities that you feel might strengthen your application or extenuating circumstances that might have had an impact on your academic performance, you should make a point of contacting your university counsellor by early next week.