BEYOND YORK - Oct. 3 / 2019

University Visits

University Visits - October 4

Here is a list of the upcoming University visits that we are available over the coming weeks:

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Applying to Ontario universities

All students will be submitting their applications online through a centralized system operated by the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC).

Our deadline for submitting completed applications to OUAC is Friday December 13th. Students are responsible for keeping track of any deadlines for supplemental applications required for their programs and schools of interest.

Our University Counselling Office will upload to OUAC ALL final grades from previously completed Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses (all 3U/M and 4U/M coded courses).

The names of all courses in progress will also be transmitted; when interim grades for these current courses are available after the Feb report, they will be uploaded to OUAC. At that time, we will send interim IB grades as well. Interim grades for current courses will be updated after the April report, and when final Ontario Secondary School Diploma grades are available in July, they will be transmitted to OUAC in order to confirm conditional offers of admission.

The Personal Identification Numbers students will need to log on to the OUAC system should arrive at York  shortly. We will be holding information sessions designed to familiarize students with the application system this month.

There is a base fee of $150 that covers three program choices; each additional program choice costs $50. Some programs at OCAD, the University of Toronto, and Waterloo University charge an additional fee for supplementary applications. Applicants may apply to as many Ontario universities/programs as they wish; however, they are limited to a maximum of three program choices at any one university (including affiliates). Some universities may further limit the number of programs to which candidates may apply.

It is important to stress that programs can be added or changed after the initial submission up until February 4, although some programs do have an earlier deadline. Please note: if an applicant drops a choice and replaces it with a new choice, the new choice will incur a $50 charge. The only exception to this practice is if an applicant drops a choice and adds a new choice at the same university.

Online tools for researching Canadian universities

In addition to the Ontario Universities’ Info website 

there are other websites that can be very helpful for investigating Canadian universities. For in-depth profiles of admission requirements, programs and facilities check out:

University Study Canada

Maclean’s magazine 

The Atlantic Universities Information Fair

The event is a great opportunity for students and their supporters to connect with the schools they may be considering.  

Thursday, October 10th from 6-8pm

Toronto Marriott Downtown - York Room

Participants will include:

·        Acadia University 

·        Bishop's University 

·        Cape Breton University 

·        Concordia University 

·        Dalhousie University 

·        Memorial University of Newfoundland 

·        Mount Allison University 

·        Mount Saint Vincent University 

·        Saint Mary's University 

·        St. Francis Xavier University 

·        St. Thomas University 

·        University of King's College 

·        University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Campus, Saint John Campus

Researching Scholarships

Interested in scholarships? Lots of information is available at

If you sign up as a member and create a profile, you will be sent emails for awards that match your profile.

University of Toronto National Scholarship

The University of Toronto National Scholarships target students “who demonstrate superior academic performance, original and creative thought, and exceptional achievement in a broad context. The National Scholars will be those who not only excel in academic pursuits but also have an enthusiasm for intellectual exploration and involvement in the life of their school and community.” Candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents intending to begin post-secondary study at the University of Toronto in September 2020.

For the ten finalists selected as National Scholars, the University of Toronto will cover tuition and incidental fees for four years, will provide residence support in the first year, and will include an additional, renewable, monetary award based on individual financial circumstances.

The finalists who are not designated National Scholars will receive an Arbor Scholarship valued at $7,500 for the first year, renewable at $1,500 for subsequent years. Both the National and Arbor Scholars will be assigned a faculty member to act as a mentor during their initial year of undergraduate study and will be invited to attend various special events in their honour.

If you feel that you fit the above criteria, you are invited to apply online here.

The deadline for your application to be submitted is Thursday, October 24. Your teacher referee will be sent a link once you have submitted your application and has one week to submit his or her letter. Remember that teachers need lots of notice in order to produce a highly polished, persuasive reference;

Do not leave this application to the last minute.  It is a complex one and requires lots of time and thought. The competition is extremely fierce. Your counsellor will be at your side to help you edit your application.

Queen’s University Major awards and scholarships

Students with an average of 90% or higher based on their Ontario Secondary School Diploma are automatically offered a merit-based entrance scholarship at Queen’s University if they are accepted into their program of choice. In addition to these very generous awards, there are a few major entrance scholarships or awards that require a special application.

All of Queen’s Major Admissions Awards (MAA’s) stress outstanding academic achievement (in most cases, an average of 90% or above, factoring in all your high school grades from Grade 9-present), demonstrated leadership, and community/school involvement. Some also require candidates to demonstrate financial need or be resident in a particular region e.g. the Sobey Scholarship is aimed at students residing in an Atlantic province and planning to enter the Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen’s.

Students interested in applying for these awards should check the Queen’s University website for information concerning the value, selection criteria, and application procedures for these scholarships. Applications are available here.

Queen’s University Chancellor’s Scholarship

The Chancellor’s Scholarship requires a nomination from The York School. Our school is permitted to nominate only one candidate. Candidates for the Chancellor’s Scholarship are expected to demonstrate academic excellence (a minimum average of 90% based on all your high school grades), outstanding leadership, and creative and original thinking.

You should seek nomination for this scholarship only if you intend to take up the award if it is offered. Students who intend to apply Early Decision to a US college are not eligible to be sponsored for this award as they are prepared to make a binding commitment elsewhere.

Completed applications for the Chancellor’s Scholarship (minus the letter of reference and transcript) must be submitted Monday, October 28 in order to be considered for nomination.  A sample of the application can be found here.

Please discuss your suitability for a scholarship with your counsellor.

 Applications for all major scholarships at Queen’s must be submitted through the Queen’s SOLUS portal before December 1. In order to ensure that you have a SOLUS account in time, it is recommended that you apply to Queen’s through OUAC no later than Wednesday, November 20.

All applicants for these major scholarships require a letter of reference; please make sure you give your referee lots of notice.

New application process for the QuARMS program at Queen’s University

The Queen’s University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS) is an opportunity for ten outstanding young Canadians to apply for medical school after only two years of undergraduate study in the Faculty of Arts and Science. QuARMS students will apply directly to the School of Medicine and will not be required to provide MCAT scores; however, they are not guaranteed admission.

In addition to their degree-related curriculum, QuARMS students “will be exposed to learning experiences that are closely aligned with the core competencies for physicians.” These enrichment and experiential learning opportunities “will hone the students’ skills in advocacy, communication, collaboration, and professionalism.” Students will be encouraged to interact with their local communities and also build new connections with communities in other parts of Canada and abroad.

Candidates for QuARMS should demonstrate the following skills and characteristics:

  • Commitment to service

  • Proven academic ability

  • Critical and creative thinking

  • Ability to relate to people

  • Exceptional leadership qualities

  • Curiosity

  • Diverse academic interests

  • Maturity and integrity

  • Humility, altruism, and humanism

A QuARMS application no longer requires a nomination from The York School. Students express their interest in the program by applying to Queen’s programs in Arts, Science, Computing or Health Science. They then click a button on OUAC next to their program option at Queen’s (ideally before November 20) and submitting their Personal Statement of Experience through their Queen’s SOLUS account before the December 1 deadline. Queen’s will then contact students of interest and request a supplemental application. Forty students will be selected to participate in the final interview process.

More information is available here.

New Commerce minors at the University of Guelph

Students in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Guelph can now choose from the following business minors: business, business data analytics, business economics, economics, entrepreneurship, human resources, international business, marketing, project management, sustainable business, and sport & event management.

UC-Berkeley’s Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology Program

The University of California at Berkeley has introduced a four-year program that allows students to earn Bachelor of Science degrees in both business and engineering. The M.E.T. program is designed to provide extensive resources and strong industry partnerships to aspiring innovators and entrepreneurships. The six streams include: bioengineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering & computer science, industrial engineering & operations research, materials science & engineering, and mechanical engineering. For more information, go to

UK study info meetings and new programs at Warwick

UK study info meetings

Our UNIVERSITY liaison REPRESENTATIVE AT The University of Warwick in England will be offering in person and Skype/WhatsApp 25 minute one-to-one chats for our students and parents this month and next. See below fr dates and times:


In Person: 

 Toronto ON, Canada (Downtown) Saturday October 26, 2019: 09:30-12:30 (ET)

 Toronto ON, Canada (Downtown) Monday October 28, 2019: 15:30-19:00 (ET)


 Saturday October 12, 2019 12:00-15:00 ET / 11:00-14:00 CT / 10:00-13:00 MT / 09:00-12:00 PT

 Saturday October 19, 2019 12:00-15:00 ET / 11:00-14:00 CT / 10:00-13:00 MT / 09:00-12:00 PT

 Wednesday October 23, 2019 16:00-20:00 ET / 15:00-19:00 CT / 14:00-18:00 MT / 13:00-17:00 PT

 Saturday October 26, 2019 14:30-19:00 ET / 13:30-18:00 CT / 12:30- 17:00 MT / 11:30-16:00 PT

Booking for one-to-one chat sessions is essential. These chats are informal and don’t impact admission – they are simply provided to help offer information.  Details and booking are available at:

Warwick University New programs

Economics, Psychology and Philosophy (EPP) is a new interdisciplinary degree that we’ll be launching for 2020 study.  It’s not yet detailed on our website or prospectus, so this is hot off the press!

Key points are:

  • EPP is akin to providing a foundation in Behavioural Science / Behavioural Economics

  • The most similar program at another UK university is LSE’s new Behavioural Science degree, but Warwick’s EPP could be said to be more interdisciplinary in terms of the departmental collaboration

  • The program draws on Warwick’s interdisciplinary strength and history of established teaching and research collaboration between Warwick Business School, Economics, Philosophy, and Politics and International Studies

  • The model is similar to PPE in that students on EPP will be able to specialise as they move through the degree (for example, taking a bi-partite stream)

  • Interdisciplinary modules will be available and there will be a capstone module in the final year

  • EPP can be described as a new program in a tested, proven model

 Other new programs at Warwick for 2020 include: