Grade 1 - November 9 / 2017

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Despite it being a shorter week, we still managed to pack it full with lots of fun learning experiences.

In literacy, we branched out this week by attempting to write our own poems. Due to Remembrance Day fast approaching, we discussed the intention behind John McCrae’s poem, “In Flander’s Fields”, which led to further discussions about the purpose of poetry.

In math, we focussed on developing thinking skills through problem solving. For example, the students had to solve a word problem using only pictures and the answer by formulating an appropriate question.

In art, the Grade 1s learned about focal point. Each student drew a picture of a landscape, focussing on horizon line, as well as foreground and background. Students then used their knowledge of our artist of the month, Barbara Reid, to add plasticine to the one area to create a focal point.


The focus of our Personal Social Education (PSE) classes this month have been about making choices at recess that will help to de-escalate problems (or make them smaller). The students have been working with the Problem Solving Wheel as a tool for making responsible choices. While not every strategy on the problem solving wheel will work for every recess situation, the students have been learning --through role play, stories and discussion--that making a responsible choice is a step in the right direction towards resolving conflict.

In French, the students have been learning O Canada in French in honour of Remembrance Day. Please follow the link below for our national anthem in French.

O Canada in French

Looking ahead

Next week we look forward to reading “Good Morning Canada” and understanding alphabetic order. In doing so, we will be creating our own “ABC” book of Canadian symbols.


Nutrition Committee

Are you interested in becoming the next Chair of our Nutrition Committee? Now is the time to put your name forward to join a group of parents, teachers, administrators and food service providers to lead conversations about healthy eating at our Junior School. If you are interested please contact Jennifer Wyatt at

Important Dates

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