Grade 1 - October 19 / 2018


This week was “consolidation” week. We extended the same curriculum objectives from last week to ensure that students have a solid grasp on numbers to 50, retelling stories, writing with personal voice in mind and understanding point of view.


We played four different games in Math that build on place value knowledge. Students have also been showing what they know about numbers this week by decomposing numbers (“I have 8 cubes in total. I have 4 in my left hand. Without looking, tell me how many are in my right hand”).


Students have been reading levelled books in class and trying to read with “expression”. They are becoming good at deciphering the author’s “main message” when retelling. In writing, students are working at finding their personal voice. This includes writing about ideas, opinions and feelings and trying to add one sentence to defend their idea/feeling. Students are also learning that there are “two sides to every story”. You can extend this idea when reading at home with your child by asking him/her what they think the story might be like if it was written from a certain (or different character’s) perspective.


Students are continuing to build their understanding of what makes Canada “Canada”. This week some students made a breakthrough and started identifying what factors make them typically Canadian.


The students finished practising the gestures (of the play) in small groups with the teacher. The students also finished up their marionnettes for the play, La poule Maboule.


The Grade 1’s created fall leaves using only a thin Sharpie marker. They first drew their leaf shape, split their leaf into at least 6 sections, and filled each section with line and pattern. The finished leaves are full of detail! Also, the art room is always looking for clean recycling (boxes, paper towel rolls, take out containers, egg cartons…)!


The students have been practising patterns on the xylophone in the minor key to go with our spooky Hallowe’en songs. They also worked together in a song The Thread Follows the Needle to sing and ‘stitch’ their teams while holding hands and then unstitch themselves.


We have we have begun using a tool called the Blueprint to understand multiple perspectives, build the skills of empathy, and resolve conflicts. Here is an example of the Blueprint for Grades 1-3. Currently, we are using the Blueprint to help sort through conflicts in literature. The students are building understanding of the steps as we use the tool to help us sort through the issues of the characters in our stories. The students have quickly recognized that although conflict is a natural part of life, the more empathy and responsibility we exercise when these conflicts occur, the stronger and more successful our friendships and our community will be.


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