Grade 1 - November 2 / 2018


What a spooky week in Grade 1! Thank you for your support in making our Halloween festivities so much fun (Links to pictures are under the Junior School ALL NEWS TAB).


In Math, we continue to look at various ways to represent numbers (tally marks, words, pictures, numerals, etc.). We’ve begun working toward adding 3 numbers together to 20.


In Literacy, we continued our work with adjectives. Students enjoyed brainstorming several adjectives for a variety of Halloween images. This has been extended into our writing through adding descriptive words into our journals.


In our Unit of Inquiry, we continue to learn more about Canada through our provinces and territories. This has served as our first foray into guided research skills! We also took a deep dive into Canadian poetry and explored how it expresses Canadian culture and identity.


In French, the students have continued to read the play, La poule Maboule, in small groups with the teacher. The students have done a great job with their French reading skills. They have also been singing songs about Halloween in French.


This week in Art, the Grade 1’s read the story “What if…” about a girl who could be creative in any space. Students were then given time to listen to calming music and create a painting based on their emotions towards the music. The art room is always looking for recycled materials for building projects. This includes shoe boxes, egg cartons, paper towel rolls and so much more!


In Music, the Grade 1’s have done an amazing job using a repetitive melodic pattern in the song I’m Not Scared. They also played a rhythmic game to identity quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes.


In PSE, we have continued to learn the steps of the Blueprint to help understand multiple perspectives, build the skills of empathy, and resolve conflicts. In one of the Blueprint steps, students practice recognizing and labeling feelings. They played feeling words games where they categorized feeling words by colour and increased their feeling vocabulary.


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