Grade 1 - November 16 / 2018


As the weather changes and continues to fluctuate, the students need outdoor gear that is suitable for the colder weather. Time to hunt down the snow pants, boots and winter jackets! Please make sure that all clothing has been labelled, as children may not be as familiar with the new items.


In Math, we are strengthening our concept of number representation by exploring various ways to combine and deconstruct numbers. We are also practising methods of showing our understanding by drawing, using ten frames, tallies, etc.


In Literacy, the children are working on how punctuation can influence meaning. In media literacy, we are looking at how various images can help to influence or deepen the understanding for the reader. We have, especially, been focussing on the work of Barbara Reid, (the Canadian author/ illustrator who is well known for her use of using modelling clay for her illustrations). Using her techniques, the students will choose a “symbol of Canada” and will make an illustration of this symbol with plasticine.


In French, the students have started to work on their writing skills in French. They have been doing an activity called, Copy les mots et dessine. This is an activity where the students copy simple sentences about the play and draw a pictures to show their comprehension about the play.


This week in Art, the Grade 1s added detail to their creatures inspired by Basquiat. They used Sharpie marker, pencil crayon, and oil pastel to add detail to the body and the background. The Art room is currently looking for shoeboxes, wire hangers, and any clean, recycled materials.


In Music, the Grade 1s started learning a verse in A Million Dreams that will be sung at the opening of the Harmony Concert on the last day of school.  We continue to learn songs celebrating this time of year.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.