Grade 1 - November 30 / 2018



In Literacy we have been enjoying writing (and receiving!) letters. The students are starting to get the hang of the structure of a letter and its purpose. You can extend this at home by having your child write letters to loved ones. Be sure to have them address the envelope, bring it to the post office and buy a stamp, and see it go in the mailbox- that’s half the fun!


In Math have been enjoying “Favourites week”. The students learned new terms, such as ‘data’ and ‘survey’. The students had to finish this question, “What is your favourite ______?” Next, they provided four possible answers to their question and went about surveying their classmates. We problem solved for essential questions, such as “How will you know you’ve surveyed everyone in class?” (Sounds easier than it is!) Finally, the students went about surveying one another AND graphing their results. Thank you for sending in stuffed animals today. The students had a great time finding different ways to graph their animals (type of animal, size, colour, etc).

Unit of Inquiry

We enjoyed kicking off our new Unit of Inquiry this week (Habitats). The students were given random materials and a question, “Can you build a beaver’s lodge?”, “Can you build a bird’s nest?”, etc., and were tasked with creating the best habitat they could. After the activity was completed, the students had to guess what our new UOI was about. Next, they looked through books to learn about the animal home they built and reflected on the experience by answering the following questions, “I noticed….” and “I discovered…” Yesterday, we enjoyed digging deeper into our UOI by going on a field trip to the AGO and learning more about animal habitats!


This week in Art, the Grade 1’s continued working on their animal habitat art piece. They used Model Magic to create an animal and painted it with one colour. They also created a collage background on a wood panel.


In French, the students have been finishing up the French manipulation activity copie et dessine les phrases, which means copy and draw silly sentences. The students have been copying silly sentences pertaining to our play, La poule Maboule, and illustrated them to show their understanding. They should be creating their own phrases folles next week.


In Grade 1, the students are practicing for the Harmony Concert on Friday December 21st. They will also be singing “Happy Holiday” at the School Assembly on Friday December 14th at 8:30 am. We started listening to The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky and moving/dancing to the music.

SAVE THE DATE - December 14

*New* Junior School Celebration Assembly

On Friday, December 14th at 8:40 AM, students in Grades 1-5 will join together in the Junior School gym for our first Celebration Assembly. The assembly is a time for the community to celebrate the many achievements of our students in the first term, including recognizing student athletes from our fall teams:  the U11 Girls’ basketball team, U9-U11 Cross country team, and the U9 to U11 Soccer. Additionally, there will be a choir performance and the Junior School students who are participating in the Caribou Math Contest will be recognized. Families are welcome to attend!

Please note that rather than having one Junior School Athletic Assembly in June, as there has been in the past, this new Celebration Assembly format recognizes our student athletes at the end of each term along with other student achievements.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.