Grade 1 - January 11 / 2019


Welcome back! We have had a great week being back together. We enjoyed sharing stories about our time spent with family at home or on far off adventures!


This week we drew names from the opposite class and everyone wrote a letter to someone in the other class. To review list writing (to ensure that we don’t forget how to do it!), we wrote our Top Ten Reasons To Be Back at School.

Unit of Inquiry

We dove right into our research for our Habitat projects this week. We are learning how to use non-fiction texts to further our understanding of topics. The students are inquiring into the appearance and climate of their habitat, the animals and plants that live there, keywords that come up when reading about their habitat and 3 interesting facts.


This week we have started to look into time and the passage of time. As adults we are able to take a much larger perspective of how quickly or slowly time can pass, but for children the passage of time is a challenging concept. It might be useful at home to look at a calendar to notice the passage of time until a special holiday or occasion. This helps to bring home a rather elusive understanding of time.


In French, the students have started to rehearse the play, La poule Maboule, with their group. Next week, the students will be filmed performing the play. The videos of the plays will be shared with you in the next few weeks.


In Music, we discussed what they have learned about Habitats and wrote two different verses (poems) about it. The Grade 1s then learned the melody to the song I Love the Mountains, put the verses to the melody and wrote a Habitat song! The Grade 1s continue looking at the poem My Heart Soars by Chief Dan George and are creating musical tableaux for each stanza.


This week in art, the Grade 1s began their art history project. Each student chose an artist and a painting that they will recreate in their own style. They have begun tracing their chosen painting and will transfer it to a wood panel next week.


This week in PHE, we have been playing cooperative games to build on teambuilding skills. We talked about the importance of teamwork and communication. Next week the grade 1’s will be starting a Frisbee unit.


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Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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