Grade 1 - January 18 / 2019



In Math, the students made predictions for how long certain tasks take. Students then attempted the task (e.g., sing the ABC’s) and timed themselves in order to make comparisons to their predictions. Comparing the prediction with the actual recorded time fostered some interesting realizations about the passage of time. Many students debunked some of their assumptions, while others developed new understandings!


In Literacy and our Unit of Inquiry, the students finished researching their chosen habitat! Ask your child to describe his/her habitat to you and to introduce you to some of the vocabulary/keywords they’ve come to learn. Throughout the research process, the students have been exposed to non-fiction text features (glossary, captions, etc.). Next week, we will take a deeper dive into how each text feature helps a reader and writer comprehend what he/she reads.


This week in Art, the Grade 1s continued working on their art history art piece. They received their wood panels and began painting and designing the sides. Next week, they will transfer their chosen painting to the wood panel.


In Music, the Grade 1s practiced xylophone and glockenspiel parts for our Habitat song. The Grade 1s continue to explore the space around them as we read and move to the poem My Heart Soars.


In French, on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, Grade 1, 2 and 3 students will see Gregg LeRock in concert. He is an educator and a musician who performs for children in French. Please follow the link below to see the Venturing Out form for this field trip.

VO form here: Venturing Out form


Evelyn Calhoun and Katherine Almeida


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.