Grade 1 - April 27 /2018


This week in Math, students experimented with the creation of 2-D and 3-D shapes and engaged in critical thinking and problem solving by working with tangrams and rearranging them. In Literacy, the students continued to delve into the world of persuasive writing. This week’s focus was arguing FOR or AGAINST having to wear school uniforms. The students are enjoying the books read aloud this week that deal with the power of persuasion, particularly, "I Wanna Iguana" by Karen Kaufman Orloff. In our UOI, students have taken the facts they’ve researched about a particular community helper and have put them into a paragraph, yes a paragraph!. Part of their research involved the uniform of their community helper, so to incorporate what they’ve learned, they also created a life-size representation of their community helper, which you may have seen hanging from the ceiling yesterday.

Thank you for attending Student-led conferences and partaking in just some of the activities we get up to in Grade 1!

In French, on Wednesday, April 25th 2018, the Grade 1 students went to see Gregg LeRock, a French speaking musician and educator, in Mississauga at the Living Arts Centre. The Grade 1 students had a great field trip and enjoyed the performance. If your child is interested in purchasing a CD of Gregg’s music, please click here for the form and return by Friday, May 4. Students also started a new language manipulation activity called, "Choisis le bon (Pick the right word)". The students had to read short sentences about the play and choose between two words to complete the sentence.

In Music, we reviewed and practiced different activities and songs to show parents this Thursday. We also sang a Spanish song about 3 birds called, “Tres Pajaritos”.


May 1st marks the first day of summer uniform. Should your child choose to wear summer uniform, please ensure their uniform meets the school's uniform policy. Should your child wish to continue wearing their winter uniform, they may do that too, but again, must meet the uniform policy.

Important Dates

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