Grade 1 - May 11 /2018

In Literacy this week, we continued working on our persuasive techniques as well as exploring various forms of media literacy and analyzing intended audience. In Math, the students had an opportunity to “show what they know” about 2D and 3D shapes and symmetry, which wraps up our geometry unit. Time flies when you’re having fun! Next week we will begin to explore money.

We also said goodbye to our “Community Helpers” UOI and launched our final UOI (hard to believe it’s that time of year already!), “Energy”. On Wednesday, we kicked off our Energy UOI by laying out light bulbs, batteries, (pictures of) matches, headphones and scissors and challenged the Grade 1s to figure out what all those items had in common. We then discussed their findings and came to the conclusion that this unit will be all about MELTS - five forms of energy (mechanical, electrical, light, thermal and sound). On Thursday, we launched into our first energy investigation: mechanical. Ask your child all about it this weekend!

We were also pleased to welcome Sri’s dad this week. He volunteered time out of his day to talk to us about his job as a doctor. It was a wonderful way to wrap up our UOI on Community Helpers!

In Music, the Grade 1s continue to explore percussion sounds with two songs, The Grand Old Duke of York and She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain. The Grade 1s are also practicing the dance to I’se the B’ye.

In French, the Grade 1s have been finishing up their centres where, among other things, they practiced their play with their marionnettes and learned about different jobs in the community.

This week in Art, the Grade 1s continued working on their stained glass windows. They completed their design with shapes and line. Next, they used tissue paper to add colour to their plexiglass.

Looking Ahead
In French, the Grade 1s will be filmed performing their play next week. When the videos are available to watch, they will be shared with you in a future edition of The Flash.

Summer uniform is in full effect! Please see the infographic below as a guide to summer uniform.

Closing Assembly
On Friday, June 15, 2018, at 10:45 AM, the Junior School students and faculty will gather in the gym at the Junior School for our closing assembly. In the past, a closing ceremony was held at the Middle and Senior School on the last day of school; however, this year, to include our JK and SK students and to make the length of the assembly more reasonable for our young learners, the assembly is at the Junior School.

Parents will have an opportunity to view the assembly via a live stream and a video that will be shared after the assembly. Students look forward to welcoming parents to the class parties that will take place in the afternoon in each classroom. Thank you for your support

Class Parent Recruitment for 2018-19

We are ideally looking for 2 parents per class (4 per grade) to act as a liaison with the school for various roles and events.  For example, class parents perform a key role in helping to organize class parties, treats for teachers and parent socials. Class parents will also liaise with the administration on any issues presenting to their grade. While we welcome the involvement of all parents, our goal is to identify 2-4 parents per grade to consistently liaise with the administration.

If you are interested in becoming a class parent, please fill this form and if you have questions about the role please email The school will be in touch with you in June.

Important Dates
Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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