Grade 1 - May 17 /2018

This week the students discovered that learning about energy is so much fun! They conducted more experiments this week and know a little more about mechanical and electrical energy. Next week we start exploring light energy!

In Literacy this week, the students wrote convincing arguments for various persuasive arguments. For media literacy, the students applied everything they’ve learned this term and began making an advertisement for a product. For math, the students were exposed to coins. Next week, we will link media literacy with math when the students attach a monetary value to their product and begin to “shop” with money given to them.

This week, we were fortunate to have Temmy’s dad come to our class and speak about his job developing property and communities. The students are always excited when a family member stops by for a visit and fun learning experience!

This week in Art, the Grade 1s learned about our Artist of the Month, Gustav Klimt. They looked at his painting, The Tree of Life, and created their own trees inspired by his work.

This week in Music, the Grade 1s have been practicing the dance to I’se the B’ye. We also performed contrasting rhythms in The Duke of York song.

In French, the students have been filmed performing their play, Le petit chat cherche une famille, along with their group this week. The videos should be available for the parents to view in the next few weeks.

In PSE, we continue to explore our ‘feeling zones’ with the Zones of Regulation programme. One important concept is that all zone feelings are okay. This can be a challenging concept because the feelings associated with the blue and red zones can be considered “bad”. It is important to validate the feeling and not unacceptable actions. Through discussion, written activities and stories, students were able to come up with reasons that blue and red zone feelings are acceptable - here are some examples of their thinking: Red zone feelings are okay because…”you can say no if you need to,” “It teaches you what to do next time,” “you can argue if you need to,” “it can help you with sports.” Blue zone feelings are okay because…”you can do something quiet,” “your parents can give you a hug,”you can learn how to help a friend.”

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