Grade 1 - September 21 / 2018


Another busy week in Grade One! This week we launched our new unit, How We Express Ourselves. We began this unit, by taking an assortment of pictures and discussing how we would sort them into two piles. Eventually, students came to realize that half of the images were of iconic Canadian buildings, locations, animals and objects, and the half was buildings, animals, etc., that were NOT located/associated with Canada. This provided us the opportunity to work with the other class and begin to discover the things that really separate Canada from other parts of the world.


We have continued our investigations this week into patterns. We have discussed how numbers and letters can replace concrete attributes (like coloured tiles or blocks).

Media Literacy

During our media literacy classes, we have introduced the different of types of media (posters, commercials, signs, etc.) and their intended audience and purpose. We have also talked about how writers get their ideas, sometimes through brainstorming, asking questions or using prior knowledge.

As a reminder, we are still collecting the headphones in ziploc bags for our reading time. If you haven’t yet sent in headphones, we would very much appreciate it if you could do so by Friday. Next week we will be launching RAZ Kids (A-Z Kids), the levelled reading programme that will be used both at home and at school, to reinforce fluency, comprehension and accuracy when reading. It is recommended that, starting next week, your child logs on every night to their RAZ Kids account!


This week in Art, the Grade 1s began looking at the work of the Group of Seven. Students discussed landscape painting and began creating a landscape of their own. This is in preparation of our upcoming trip to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection on October 9th.


In Music this week, the Grade 1s started a song using sign language and also put a song about turkeys together using rhythms cards.Reminders

Please note that attendance (from Grades 1 to 5) is taken following the national anthem.

Looking Ahead

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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