Grade 1 - September 28 / 2018


It was a wonderful day for our Terry Fox Run on Monday. It was fun to have the whole school working together!

This week, we gave Raz-Kids a test run in our classrooms and it seems that most students have been able to log in at home. We are still waiting for some children to bring in headphones, which allows many children to use Raz Kids at school without disturbing others.

LITERACY - In Literacy, we have focussed on making lists. If you need some help with shopping this week, ask your child to make you a list! Our media literacy has centred around expressing thoughts and feelings to various media types and our oral communication goal this week was to retell the events from a story.

MATH - In Math, we continued working on patterns and the students had many opportunities to build their own complex patterns with various materials. Students also examined patterns in a Hundreds Chart and played games to solidify this understanding.

CULTURE - During our Unit of Inquiry this week, we began to introduce some Canadian culture through the Arts. We looked at the National anthem and the students are working on learning the Anthem during French class as well.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - In PHE class we have finished out team building challenge unit. We have learned to be good communicators, listeners, problem solvers, to encourage each other, to work as part of a team and have fun together.

FRENCH - In French, the students have been learning the National anthem in French. Please follow the link below to view, O Canada!, in French.

O Canada!

MUSIC - In Music, we have been rehearsing our song about turkeys and another about peace. We have also started exploring the space around us by a mindful mirroring activity. The movements of the class change as the music changes and the leader reacts to the music and moves.

ART - This week in Art, the Grade 1s have been painting their Canadian landscapes inspired by The Group Of Seven. This is in preparation for our trip to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection on October 9th.

Please note that attendance (from Grades 1 to 5) is taken following the national anthem.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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