Grade 1 - March 1 / 2019


What a wonderful way to wrap up our UOI with our learning celebration! The students were thrilled to showcase their research skills and dioramas! The habitat videos that we recorded last week have now been uploaded to Seesaw! There are definitely some budding actors, biologists and ecologists in our Grade!

Our next unit will focus on the community and community helpers. If you (or someone you know) might be interested in coming in and talking to both Grade 1 classes about your job and how you help your community, we would welcome you with open arms! In the past, we have had a marine documentary filmmaker, a doctor, a police officer and activist come and speak to us. We are an easy audience, we promise!


We have been talking about commas, apostrophes and contractions in literacy and the students have been enjoying searching for them in stories we read, posters on walls, etc.  In math, we continue to explore strategies for adding and subtracting. Seeing as how telling time can be a difficult concept to solidify, we continue to play games involving time.


In PHE, grade 1’s have started a hockey as part of the invasion unit. They have learned the correct grip, ready position and stickhandling technique. Next, they will be learning the correct technique for a wrist and slap shot and will be playing some lead-up games over the coming weeks.


In French, the students had an amazing time attending the Gregg Lerock concert, on February 26th, 2019. The students enjoyed singing, dancing and, for some of the chosen audience members, dancing on the stage with Gregg Lerock himself. In class, the students continued to work on les questions partielles, that is partial questions. These are questions that include part of the answer in the question itself. They are questions that include the words qui, ou, quand, comment et pourquoi (who, where, when, how and why) and so on. Practising saying these questions and answering them help with the students’ fluency in French.


This week in Art, the Grade 1s were each given a printed picture of a habitat. Students then drew, cut out, and glued animals to their background.

The Grade 1s have been practising the song Little Wheel and are looking forward to performing it at the Assembly on Friday.


Wednesday, March 6th will be Simcoe and McClung House Colour Accessory Day. This is a reward to Simcoe for bringing in the most donations for the New Circles Clothing Drive and to McClung for winning the 'Bring It' challenge. Students in those two houses can wear red and yellow accessories with their regular uniform.


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Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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