Grade 1 - May 16 / 2019


Special notice:

On Friday, May 31st we look forward to welcoming a presenter from Scientists in Schools to lead an “Energy Makes it Happen” workshop. In order to run this program effectively, we will require 4 parent volunteers from each Grade 1 class to volunteer.

  • If your child is in Ms.Purcell’s class (1A), you would be required to arrive at school at 8:15 and run a centre until 12:15 (with one break in between).

  • If your child is in Ms. Mary’s class (1B), you would be required to arrive at school at 12:30pm and run a centre until 3:30 (with one break in between).

Volunteering requires active involvement in the experiment and managing a small group of children without another adult supervising. If you are available and would like to volunteer, please contact your child’s teacher.


We have been studying procedural writing and trying to determine the features and how it differs from say a narrative piece. We looked at elements such as headings, titles and bullet points, or numbered points, to define this genre.


We’ve measured lots of objects in the classroom using both standard and non standard units (string, cutouts of our footprint, etc.). We have begun to realize how we can make estimates to help to make us more accurate. We have introduced relative terms such as taller, shorter bigger, etc. We have been learning how important it is to measure accurately without overlaps or gaps to record length and distance.

Unit of Inquiry

The children will be investigating various forms of energy and looking for ways to reduce or conserve their own energy consumption. This week we focussed on electrical energy. Ask your child to explain what he/she learned about electricity this week. Please note: We will be sending home an energy survey for your child to complete with you at home to see how your family uses energy. Please bring the survey in next week so we can compare our data.


In PHE this week, the Grade 1 students finished off their healthy eating unit by looking at some scenarios and what they would do in the situation. We then moved on to our track and field unit and worked on developing the correct technique for a standing long jump.


In French, the students worked on les questions totales. These are questions that contain the answer within the question and help the students say and write full sentences in French. The students are practising these questions in relations to our play, Le petit chat cherche une famille. For example, a question could be Est-ce que le petit chat cherche une maison ou un parc? This language manipulation activity has helped the students with their fluency in the French language.


In Music, the students used pitched (xylophones and glockenspiels ) and non-pitched instruments (drums, sticks, ratchets etc…) to memorize pitched and rhythmic patterns in She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.


This week in Art, the Grade 1s began their second printmaking piece of the year. They used Sharpie to first draw their community and traced over using pencil to make a dent in their foam. Next week they will be printing.


A gentle reminder that Before Care does NOT start until 7:30 AM.  There is no supervision before that time.



Next week, May 21st - 24th, is audition week! The audition schedule will be posted outside of the cafeteria and given to every homeroom teacher. If students are playing an instrument, please have them bring it to their audition. A piano will be available in the audition room. All students who audition will be able to perform in Showcase on June 11th. Parents are welcome to attend. More details to follow. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Andrea Hughes at


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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