Grade 1 - May 24 / 2019


This week we have continued to work on procedural writing skills. And with that, our continued emphasis and focus on upper case letters appearing only where needed and not in the middle of words. As well we are really honing in on, making sure our sentences end with the appropriate punctuation mark. These are the beginning stages of self-editing.

In Math, we will be concluding our unit on measurement. This week we have also taken a closer look at the meaning of area. We have tried to determine what might have a large area within our school-  we are wrestling with the gym and the art room! We will soon be starting a new unit on Money and Coin Recognition.

Thank you to those families who conducted the energy survey over the long weekend. This week we have narrowed our focus to experiments involving light. We have looked at how light can be bent or refracted and also reflected depending on what you pass it through. We had some fun bending light through oil and through water. We also made spinning wheels to observe what happens to colours when they move quickly!

Special notice:

On Friday, May 31st we look forward to welcoming a presenter from Scientists in Schools to lead an “Energy Makes it Happen” workshop. In order to run this program effectively, we will require 4 parent volunteers from each Grade 1 class to volunteer.

  • If your child is in Ms.Purcell’s class (1A), you would be required to arrive at school at 8:15 and run a centre until 12:15 (with one break in between).

  • If your child is in Ms.Mary’s class (1B), you would be required to arrive at school at 12:30pm and run a centre until 3:30 (with one break in between).  We are seeking one more volunteer at this point.

Volunteering requires active involvement in the experiment and managing a small group of children without another adult supervising. If you are available and would like to volunteer, please contact your child’s teacher.

In French, the students have started a new language manipulation activity called les questions partielles. It is an activity where the students practise answering questions with the words such as qui, ou, quand, comment (who, where, how) and so on. The students have practised learning about these questions with a rap called, Les questions.

Les questions

This week in Art, the Grade 1s added a frame to their printmaking pieces. They used lots of colour, line, shape, and pattern to create contrast from their black and white prints.

This week in PHE, the grade 1’s worked on their running technique. They made sure to run on the balls of their feet, pumping their arms, high knees, looking directly ahead and running in a straight line.

In Music, the students continue to learn their solfa hand signs (do-re-mi..). The students did a great job helping each other read the lyrics and notes in the song Don Gato.


A gentle reminder that Before Care does NOT start until 7:30 AM.  There is no supervision before that time.


Track and Field Day

On Thursday, June 6th we have our Track and Field Day. The activities will be held at Oriole Park. JK- Grade 2 students will participate in the morning from 9:00-11:00 am and Grades 3-5 in the afternoon from 1:00-3:00.Students need to come to school in their PHE uniform, house shirt and  black TYS shorts. They may accessorise with house colours. Students also need to bring a water bottle, sunscreen and hat.


Please encourage your children to practise at home. Showcase will be taking place on June 11th at 10:45am. Parents are welcome. Please email Andrea Hughes at if you have any questions.

Junior School Book Drive

Next week is the Junior School Book Drive! House bins will be located in the gathering place from June 3rd - June 7th for donations. Please donate gently used books from your home library that you are finished with to give the gift of reading to someone else. All books will be donated to The Children’s Book Bank. The Children’s Book Bank, is a non profit - organization located in the Regent Park area of Toronto. Gently used children’s books are donated and distributed, free of charge, to children who might not otherwise have a chance to own their own books.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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