Grade 1 - May 31 / 2019



This week has centred around completing year end assessments (reading, spelling, printing, writing). We look forward to conferencing and sharing the progress and growth from September to now with your child! Next week, once the students have had an opportunity to review their development, they will engage in some reflections and possibly set new goals for themselves!


This week, we introduced our new unit, Money. This is a short unit with simple objectives to be covered: coin identification, simple addition and subtraction of cents to $1, and addition and subtraction of whole dollars. It would be helpful if your child be in charge of collecting the correct change for a purchase at the store, make guesses of how many coins are needed for a particular amount (“How many nickels do I need to make 25 cents?”) or counting the change in your wallet, etc.

Unit of Inquiry

A big thank you to the parents who took time out of their day to assist us with our Scientists in Schools program earlier today. We would not have been able to have run this program without your support, so thank you, thank you, thank you! The students investigated different sources of energy and deepened and solidified some previous understandings. Prior to our Scientists in Schools program, the students spent the week learning about thermal energy. To develop an understanding of the powerful nature of thermal energy, the students built (and exploded) a volcano.


In Music, the Grade 1s reviewed the partner/group song Charley Marley. The class created a tunnel as they made a bridge with their partner. Each group of two then stood beside each other creating a tunnel. Each group of two has the opportunity to go under and through the long tunnel and then form a bridge at the other end. This activity teaches cooperation, team work, beat, rhythm, and movement. The students also reviewed their rhythms while playing the game Rhythm Bingo.


In French, the students were filmed performing their play, Le petit chat cherche une famille. The plays will be ready to view in the near future in the Flash. Please stay tuned!

This week in Art, the Grade 1s finished their community prints. They used their foam printing plates and their frame designs to create multiple black and white prints.

Before Care Reminder

A gentle reminder that Before Care does NOT start until 7:30 AM.  There is no supervision before that time.


Track and Field Day

On Thursday, June 6th we have our Track and Field Day. The activities will be held at Oriole Park. JK- Grade 2 students will participate in the morning from 9:00-11:00 am and Grades 3-5 in the afternoon from 1:00-3:00.Students need to come to school in their PHE uniform, house shirt and  black TYS shorts. They may accessorize with house colours. Students also need to bring a water bottle, sunscreen and hat.


Please encourage your children to practise at home. Showcase will be taking place on June 11th at 10:45am. Parents are welcome. Please email Andrea Hughes at if you have any questions.

Junior School Book Drive

Next week is the Junior School Book Drive! House bins will be located in the gathering place from June 3rd - June 7th for donations. Please donate gently used books from your home library that you are finished with to give the gift of reading to someone else. All books will be donated to The Children’s Book Bank. The Children’s Book Bank, is a non profit - organization located in the Regent Park area of Toronto. Gently used children’s books are donated and distributed, free of charge, to children who might not otherwise have a chance to own their own books.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.