Grade 1 - Sept. 12 / 2019


Welcome to Grade One! We have had a wonderful first week and a half listening to all of the amazing adventures they had this summer. Because the first couple of weeks of Grade One are a wonderful and new transition period, we started to talk about the routines, what it looks like to have more independence and responsibility, and actively co-constructing our classrooms to reflect how each child learns best. Due to the fact it is a big change moving on up a floor, please do not hesitate to reach out to either of us if your child is experiencing any challenges during this time.



Please ensure that your child has a pair of shoes strictly for indoor wear (running shoes with summer uniform, black shoes with winter), as well as whatever outdoor footwear they come to school in (rubber boots, winter boots, running shoes, etc.). 

Occasionally spills happen or children have accidents, so we would appreciate if you pack an extra set of clothes (underwear, socks, shirt, shorts, etc.) in a plastic bag to be kept at school. 

Please click on the name of your child’s teacher below to review a copy of our individual class timetables. As you will notice, we have PHE on Friday A, however, to make things simple, students may come to school EVERY FRIDAY in their PHE uniform.

We sent a Google form out earlier this week, and would appreciate it if you have not already done so, taking a moment to fill it out and send it back. It is a great way for us to learn more about your child, so we can support them the best we can this year.  Link to Form.

Unit of Inquiry

Our unit on the meaning of Canadian identity has now been launched. We are exploring the ways that our identity as Canadians can be expressed through the Arts and various other methods of self-expression. We are intertwining this with the discovery of the various Learner Profile traits, focusing on the trait of being an inquirer. We have watched a video on the changing Canadian identity and have begun to discuss what creates our own sense of self-identity.


In Math, we are looking at the concept of patterning and how in Math,4 numbers and math language is often based on discovering patterns. To further explore these concepts, we have been building our own patterns with the materials in class and looking for patterns in our environment. There are many patterns in nature also and the children have been enjoying making flower patterns to decorate our classrooms.


In PHE, the Grade 1’s have been participating in activities that focus on travelling in different directions and a range of locomotor movements. Students have been getting used to the new routines and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them all.


As part of their unit of inquiry on Canadian Identity, we have started to learn two songs. We have sung through Oh Canada in English, some French and have started to learn it in a Cree dialect. The students are also learning the names of the provinces and territories in the song The Provinces of Canada. The students have also reviewed the classroom agreements and the routines of the music class.


In class, many routines were established. They were reintroduced to the ligne magique (the magic line). When the ligne magique is put on at the beginning of every class, the students are expected to only speak French except for the three allotted English words every class. At the end of class, the lign is removed. It is part of the daily routine in French.  If the students succeed in only speaking in French, they receive a ticket. Every two Fridays, there is a draw with the sac a surprises (the prize bag) where two children receive a prize for only speaking French. The students were true risk-takers in French class! 


Looking forward to another year of creativity and imagination. The art room is in need of unwanted magazines for upcoming collage work. Please drop donations off in the art room anytime. As well, I am looking for some large button-down shirts that we can repurpose as smocks for messy work. Thank you in advance for your support! 


Terry Fox Run

The York School Terry Fox Run is taking place on Wednesday, September 18th! The Middle and Senior School will be joining us for the run this year on the beltline to make this a full community event. Please see the timing of the event below.

  • Grades 6 & 7 will join their JK/SK buddies at 1:30 in the Junior School Playground. After a warm up, they will head out together through the cemetery to the Beltline.

  • Grades 8 & 9 will join Grades 1 - 3 at 2:00.

  • Grade 10 & 12 will join with Grades 4 - 5 at 2:30.

Students are to come to school wearing The York School gym uniform or an official Terry Fox t-shirt from 2019 or before.

Parents! Come join in on the fun! Meet us in the Junior School Playground at your child’s allotted run time.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.