Grade 1 - June 7 / 2019



As year end approaches, we want to be cognizant of all the belongings your child will be bringing home. As such, in an effort to reduce heavy backpacks on the last day of school, we will slowly be sending books, headphones, etc. home each day. Any items that are sent home from this point forward can remain at home. It would be much appreciated if you could empty the contents of your child’s backpack every night.


This week the students continued exploring Canadian money and coin values. To help solidify these concepts at home, you could:

  • Look at both sides of a coin. Ask your child to describe how both sides are the same and different, how different coins are the same and different, and what objects they notice on different coins. Describe part of a coin (“I am thinking of a coin with a boat on it.”) and ask your child to guess which one you are thinking of (and how much its worth)!

  • Ask your child to sort coins into groups, name the coins, and tell how much they are worth. How did your child sort?

  • Have your child estimate how much money he or she has and then count the actual amount.


This week we are using our literacy skills as we work with math. We are working hard to name and write the Canadian coins and use the words and the numerical values interchangeably. We are also trying to finish up all our Handwriting and Building Writer’s notebooks so that we will be able to send them home soon. If your child has any incomplete pages in their book, feel free to work on those over the summer to build literacy skills!

Unit of Inquiry

This week the students explored the “s” in our Energy Acronym: MELTS. Many believed the “s” stood for “solar energy” and were quite surprised when they realized that sound is actually a form of energy. We took advantage of the sun on Monday morning and headed outside to explore sound waves and vibrations by rotating to different centres. The students learned that sound travels through objects, such as string, and has different pitch and volume according to circumstances. Emma’s dad also came in this week to do some fun energy activities with us. A HUGE thank you to Andy for taking time out of his day to plan such fun and memorable activities for the kids!


The students have been filmed performing their play, Le petit chat cherche une famille. Please follow the link to view all of the Grade 1 French plays.


Thank you all for a terrific Track and Field Day! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves participating in the activities. The House spirit was fantastic! Go York!


The Grade 1s have almost memorized a song called Senor Don Gato. They also watched a David Suzuki video Sonic Magic on the way different pitches (sound energy) can make different patterns in sand.


The Grade 1s used their imagination to turn a scribble into a beautiful work of art. Each student was given paper with a unique, curvy line. Students then used Sharpie marker to add lots of detail and colour to their drawings.

Before Care Reminder

A gentle reminder that Before Care does NOT start until 7:30 AM.  There is no supervision before that time.



All students who audition will be able to perform in Showcase on June 11th. Parents are welcome to attend. More details to follow. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Andrea Hughes at


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.