Grade 2 - Oct. 17 / 2019


Unit of Inquiry

For our next Unit of Inquiry, Simple Machines, we will be welcoming the Scientists in Schools program on Monday, November 4th. Ms.Purcell’s class will have the program in the morning (timing to be communicated at a later date, but it will start at 8:15am) and Mr.Rand’s class will be running the program in the afternoon (Again, timing to be communicated at a later date). In order to make this learning experience as successful as possible, we will require 3 volunteers per class. Please email your child’s teacher if you are interested in volunteering (Ms.Purcell’s volunteers would need to be available from approximately 8am-noon and Mr.Rand’s from approximately 11:30-3:45). The Scientist in Schools program has requested that parents who are interested in volunteering should be willing and able to instruct and supervise students. We will also require 10 rinsed, individual pop cans that day, so if you have any that you could send in, that would be much appreciated!


This week the students reviewed the form, audience and purpose of letter writing and then wrote a letter to their new Pen Pals! The students were told that they were getting a Pen Pal, however, they were not informed as to where their Pen Pals live, nor could they reveal where we live. Therefore, the students had to provide clues about their own life and surroundings (“I live in a cold climate. We like maple syrup where I live”, etc.). We look forward to receiving letters in a few weeks and making guesses as to where in the world our Pen Pals live!


The students have been solidifying their number bonds to 10 and extending their knowledge to add numbers to 20, 30 and beyond. Here are some extra practice questions , if you’re interested:

  1. Add multiples of 10

  2. Add a two-digit and a one-digit number - without regrouping

  3. Add a two-digit and a one-digit number - with regrouping

  4. Add two two-digit numbers - without regrouping

  5. Add two two-digit numbers - with regrouping

  6. Write addition sentences to describe pictures

  7. Addition input/output tables - up to two digits

  8. Ways to make a number using addition

  9. Addition word problems - up to two digits

  10. Complete the addition sentence - up to two digits

  11. Write the addition sentence - up to two digits

  12. Balance addition equations - up to two digits


The Grade 2’s are nearing the end of their locomotion unit. This week's focus was travelling using a scooter. We explored many ways to use the scooter board while completing obstacle courses and playing games.


In Music, the Grade 2s discussed how we hear sound and how instruments make different high/low sounds (pitch). The students also looked at the beat and rhythms in the poem Harvest Stew and made up some new characters for the poem.


In French, the students finished practising the gestures of the play, Ou est mon chien?, along with the teacher in small groups. Grade 2 will start to read the play in the near future. 


In the coming weeks, music and art will be working collaboratively to develop “upcycled musical instruments”. The art department will need donations of recyclables including cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, and any other item that might be useful in creating an instrument. The students will learn to play their creation in music class with Ms. Alison.



If you have a need to place your child into Aftercare on an occasional basis, please contact Lamar Khatib at

As well, if your child is in Aftercare but has plans to go home with another student from Aftercare, please contact Lamar with the details.

Reporting an Absence?

If your child(ren) are going to be absent from school for any reason, please send an email to as well as to their homeroom teacher. If your child is returning to school during the day, please have him/her sign in with reception.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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