Grade 2 - November 3 / 2017


Thanks to all the parents for coming to our parent-teacher interviews!

The students are very engaged in our simple machines unit of inquiry. They have been enjoying looking at Rube Goldberg machines and how machines help us to make our everyday life easier.

We are continuing to look for materials to support our unit of inquiry on Simple Machines. If you have any screws, wheels and axles, levers, pulleys and gears, wedges, inclined planes, paper towel rolls, cereal boxes, old mouse trap-style games, old dominoes, tubes or any other recycle material, please send them to your child’s homeroom teacher.

In language, we have been focussing on story elements in fictional stories. These tools will help students to write their own mini-books in the upcoming weeks.

In our numbers relationship unit, students have been focussing on fact families, related facts and strategies to add. We are continuing to work towards being able to represent numbers in different ways.

In French, the students have started to read the play, Ou est mon chien?. The students have also been singing O Canada in French. O Canada

In Music, students have started a unit exploring playing with, hearing, and notating 16th notes (ti-ka-ti-ka). After playing games, singing songs, and playing non-pitched percussion with that rhythm present, students will then compose their own 4 to 8 beat ostinato (a repeating rhythm) patterns.

This summer, all IXL accounts for SK to Grade 3 students were closed. The decision was made to better align with the revised homework policy and to promote real-world math activities. Many families have shared that IXL had become a part of their routine and they missed having an account. As such, we have reopened all student accounts from Grade 1 to 3. We appreciate your feedback and hope that you reengage with IXL!


Nutrition Committee
Are you interested in becoming the next Chair of our Nutrition Committee? Now is the time to put your name forward to join a group of parents, teachers, administrators and food service providers to lead conversations about healthy eating at our Junior School. If you are interested please contact Jennifer Wyatt at

Birthday Treat Policy
On another note, we are delighted with the changes we have made to the Birthday Treat Policy as we look forward to celebrating all of your children's birthdays in the Junior School this year. Each child celebrating their birthday will be made to feel special by their classroom community and teachers on their special day but without a treat accompaniment.

We will also be celebrating birthdays as a whole school on three occasions during the school year - November 29 for all birthdays celebrated during the months of August, September, October and November; March 28 for all birthdays celebrated during the months of December, January, February and March; and, June 6 for all birthdays celebrated during the months of April, May, June and July.

In lieu of individual families providing the treat for their child on their special day, the school will be providing mini cupcakes from Sweets From the Earth, which will be free of gluten, nuts, tree nuts, dairy and egg. Our food service provider, Aramark have sourced these treats so that all of our children can enjoy together.


Every morning, the Junior School takes a mindful moment, led by Ms. Mary Moffat-Johansson at 8:25 a.m. In order to help our students and staff effectively practise, we require the hallways on the second and third floors to be silent. Students arriving during the mindful moment will be asked to wait on the first floor with Ms. Faba or another staff member until the mindful moment is over.

There are still some spots available in our GADPs - please click here to register for those!

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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