Grade 2 - October 19 / 2018


We are very excited for Scientist in the School to join us on Monday, October 22nd. Students will be exploring simple machines through a hands on workshop. Thanks in advance to all the parents who volunteered.


Students are enjoying our new unit on How the World Works. Children have the opportunity to explore simple machines and discover how they can make life easier and more enjoyable for people. Last week, students paired up and went on a scavenger hunt to identify simple machines throughout the school.

MATH: The students continue to develop strategies to aid in regrouping using addition. This week students used base ten blocks as one tool to help them with regrouping.

LANGUAGE: The students continue to learn about story elements. Students are developing the foundational skills necessary to write a narrative story. They are for looking elements such as characters, settings and problems and solutions.

FRENCH: The students finished practising the gestures (of the play) in small groups with the teacher. The students also finished up their marionnettes for the play, Ou est mon chien?.

ART: The Grade 2s continued working on their Lawren Harris inspired paintings. They added light colours to create highlights in their art piece. Also, the art room is always looking for clean recycling (boxes, paper towel rolls, take out containers, egg cartons…)!

MUSIC: The Grade 2s listened to The FIreBird Suite by Stravinsky and came up with their own stories to the music. They then watched the Walt Disney interpretation of this to see how his artistic team interpreted the music. They also practiced patterns on the xylophones for Hallowe’en songs.

PSE: We have we have begun using a tool called the Blueprint to understand multiple perspectives, build the skills of empathy, and resolve conflicts. Here is an example of the Blueprint for Grades 1-3. Currently, we are using the Blueprint to help sort through conflicts in literature. The students are building understanding of the steps as we use the tool to help us sort through the issues of the characters in our stories. The students have quickly recognized that although conflict is a natural part of life, the more empathy and responsibility we exercise when these conflicts occur, the stronger and more successful our friendships and our community will be.


Toronto Raptors Tickets

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