Grade 2 - November 2 / 2018


A big thank you to all the parents who join us for interviews and volunteered to help with Halloween set-up and costume change.

Last week, students constructed their own simple machine using popsicle sticks. Their challenge was to make an object move from point A to point B. Students created pulleys, cars and catapults using a limit number of materials. Next week students will explore compound machines and Rube Goldberg machines.  


In Math, we are continuing to explore word problems, odd/even numbers and regrouping using addition. Students are developing strategies to help them with their problem solving, such as using estimation, number lines and 100-charts. They are working on explaining their thinking when solving problems using mathematical language and procedures.


In French, the students have continued to read the play, Ou est mon chien?, in small groups with the teacher. The students have done a great job with their French reading skills. They have also been singing songs about Halloween in French.


This week in Art, the Grade 2’s began an ‘under the sea’ art piece. They created their backgrounds and carved sea creature stamps. Next week, students will learn about repetition and print their sea creatures multiple times. The Art room is always looking for recycled materials for building projects. This includes shoe boxes, egg cartons, paper towel rolls and so much more!

Physical Education

In PHE we have continued to learn the steps of the Blueprint to help understand multiple perspectives, build the skills of empathy, and resolve conflicts. In one of the Blueprint steps, students practice recognizing and labeling feelings. They played feeling words games where they categorized feeling words by colour and increased their feeling vocabulary.


In Music, the Grade 2’s are rehearsing a song for Remembrance Day. They will be singing at the beginning of the Remembrance Day assembly on Thursday November 8th at 10:45 am. The assembly is for all grades, JK - 5. Parents are invited to come and listen to the assembly.


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