Grade 2 - November 8 / 2018


This week the children enjoyed identifying simple machines within various Rube Goldberg machines and watching how they all worked together to create a chain reaction in order to perform a very simple task. We also performed a science experiment by challenging the children to transport water from one bowl to another by designing their own ArchImedes’ screw.  Next week, we will begin working in small groups to create our own compound machines for the Grade 2 Compound Machine Showcase which will be held on November 27th. We would greatly appreciate if your child could start bringing in materials that they could use to construct their compound machines (paper towel rolls, shoe boxes, string, etc).


As part of our discussion on Remembrance Day, the children completed a 5 senses poem that spoke about what peace looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like and sounds like. This activity opened up a lot of dialogue about how we should treat others in our own community and the importance of getting along with one another.  


In Math, we will be wrapping up our unit on number relationships and moving onto time, temperature and money.  


This week in Art, the Grade 2’s finished their ‘Under the Sea’ art piece. After learning about repetition, students used a foam printing plate to print an under the sea creature multiple times on their painted background.


In Music, the Grade 2s have been practicing their Remembrance Day song for the Assembly on Thursday November 8th. They have been practicing their rhythmic skills with an online rhythm game.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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