Grade 2 - December 7 / 2018


We would like to say a big thank you to Charlie’s mom for coming in to read a story about Hanukkah and make latkes with the children. This was a great way to begin our unit on how people use traditions to celebrate and express their culture. We are now looking forward to having Andrew’s mom visit us next Wednesday to teach us about Diwali. If you would also like to come in to do a small activity with the class regarding one of your cultural celebrations (other than those already mentioned), please contact Mr. Rand or Ms. Kendra.

Thank you to Ms. Andrea for organizing a fantastic trip to the Aga Khan museum. The children investigated storytelling techniques and saw how people expressed their culture through art. Thank you to all the parents who accompanied us on the trip and for their help throughout the day.


This week the Grade 2s have been busy looking at rhyming schemes in poetry. Using the children’s book, “The Foggy Foggy Forest” by Nick Sharratt, the children came up with their own rhymes of bizarre things that they might find in the foggy forest. They were then challenged to write another line using a different rhyming scheme while still relating it back to their first line. We are looking forward to seeing what other poems the children come up with as we continue looking at different types of poetry and literary devices (alliteration, metaphors and similes).


In Math, we have been looking at the different coins that add up to $1.00. The children have been using their knowledge of adding multiples of 10 to different monetary amounts to help them add up the coins mentally.  


In Music, the Grade 2s continue to practice for the Harmony Concert. We are exploring how  music fits with a story by studying the story of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. First Grade 2s listen and move to the music as I read the story and then next week we will watch the ballet.


In French, the students completed a new language manipulation activity called les phrases folles (silly sentences). The students were very creative and made many wonderful phrases folles on their own, using many words from the play we are studying, that is Ou est mon chien?. They created them with word cards, copied them out and illustrated them. Fantastique


This week in Art, the Grade 2s were introduced to the process of self-assessment. From now on, students will be identifying if they feel they are a novice, apprentice, practitioner, or expert when working on their art pieces.


They will choose their category and stick a sticker with the identifying word on the back of their art piece. I will continue to use this vocabulary when assessing student artwork. You will start to see visual art rubrics coming home which look like this:



Reminder for outdoor recess during the winter weather... Students in Grades 1 - 3 are expected to have and wear a coat, snow pants, hats, mittens and boots to keep them both warm and dry from the time of the first snowfall or as of December 1, whichever comes first, for all outdoor recess play times. 


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.