Grade 2 - January 11 / 2019


The children have settled back into school and have enjoyed sharing what they did over the winter holiday. We ended our poetry unit by writing our own haikus. The children also enjoyed the opportunity to research, share and record facts about an unfamiliar celebration. We also reviewed basic number facts (doubles, near doubles and making 10) before we begin looking at regrouping for addition and subtraction sums.  


In French, the students have started to rehearse the play, Ou est mon chien?, with their group. Next week, the students will be filmed performing the play. The videos of the plays will be shared with you in the next few weeks. Please remind your children to bring in props or costumes for their part (if needed) starting Wednesday, January 16th 2019.


In Music, the Grade 2s have started a listening activity, Nitohta, about being plugged and unplugged. Nitohta is the Cree word for listen. The Grade 2s discussed video games and how characters move in a game. Then they became video game characters and moved to the music by A Tribe Called Red. The Grade 2s will then listen to sounds of nature.  They will discuss unplugging from technology and if you can express yourselves/move to sounds of nature.


This week in Art, the Grade 2s continued to work on their family traditions art piece. They learned about foreground and used plasticine to add detail to their piece. The final pieces are inspired by the work of Barbara Reid.


This week in PHE, the grade 2’s have been playing cooperative games to build on teambuilding skills. We talked about the importance of teamwork and communication. Next week we will be work doing some creative movement with wands and ribbons


Next week we will be finishing our unit of inquiry on traditions and celebrations and looking specifically at Indigenous celebrations. As part of our summative assessment task, the children will be using their research skills to find interesting facts about a celebration that they are unfamiliar with. They will then create a poster to display facts about their chosen celebration.  

In Math, we will be continuing on with our new unit on addition and subtraction. The children will be building on their knowledge of basic number facts as they are exposed to a variety of computational strategies for adding and subtracting two digit numbers using 100s squares, number lines, ten frames and base 10.


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Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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