Grade 2 - May 11 /2018

In Math, the Grade 2s completed their unit on addition and subtraction and were introduced to a new unit on measurement. They were exploring various ways to measure the height or length of objects.

In Unit of Inquiry, the Grade 2s have been continuing to make observations on the growth of plants being fed water/oil/nothing. They have also been learning about the differences between freshwater and saltwater and how much we have of each on the earth.

In Literacy, the Grade 2s have been continuing to write chapter summaries and read their book for their reading project.

In Music, we continue exploring multi rhythms using lummi (rhythm) sticks and poetry. After each stanza in the poem, The Woodpecker, rhythm phrases are layered on top of each other. The Grade 2s also practiced the dance in the song, I’se the Bye.

In French, the Grade 2s finished up the set of centres that they started last week. Among other things, they practiced the play, Les trois petits cochons, with their marionnettes and finished their language manipulation activity, Choisis le bon mot (choose the right word).

In Art, the Grade 2s have begun their monsters unit. This unit will allow them to understand symmetry and balance in their work. They will eventually be coming up with special characteristics and creating symmetrical painted monsters. 

Looking Ahead
Next week in Math, the Grade 2s will be exploring the difference between centimetres and metres and when to use them. Later, they will use this knowledge to start measuring the distance around shapes.

In Unit of Inquiry, the Grade 2s will continue to explore what a hypothesis is and the steps we take to test that hypothesis. They will also have discussions on the effect humans have on air and water.

In Literacy, Grade 2s will be working towards completing their reading project. We will also review paragraph writing and using supporting details to support the main idea.

In French, the Grade 2s will be filmed performing their play next week. When the videos are available to watch, they will be shared with you in a future edition of The Flash.

Summer uniform is in full effect! Please see the infographic below as a guide to summer uniform.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.25.43 AM.png

Class Parent Recruitment for 2018-19

We are ideally looking for 2 parents per class (4 per grade) to act as a liaison with the school for various roles and events.  For example, class parents perform a key role in helping to organize class parties, treats for teachers and parent socials. Class parents will also liaise with the administration on any issues presenting to their grade. While we welcome the involvement of all parents, our goal is to identify 2-4 parents per grade to consistently liaise with the administration.

If you are interested in becoming a class parent, please fill this form and if you have questions about the role please email The school will be in touch with you in June.

Important Dates
Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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