Grade 2 - October 4 / 2018


We hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving Weekend.

SCIENCE - Next week we will wrap up our Healthy Choices unit and launch our new unit on Simple Machines. Students will inquire into how Simple machines make life easier and more enjoyable for humans. If there are any parents who may have any expertise related to machines, we would love to have you organize a small activity or presentation for the students.

LANGUAGE - Students are learning about different story elements and the prewriting process by brainstorming characters, setting, problems and solutions for their stories.

MATH - Students are enjoying on new math unit on number relationships. Next week we will be looking at place value and working on representing numbers in different ways. The students are developing strategies for addition and subtraction problems using strategies such as skip counting or a number line. We will be using a variety of manipulatives to enhance the learning as well as using problem solving strategies to complete word problems.

FRENCH -The students have been learning about different places in French. In our new play, Ou est mon chien?, the students have learned about places in French such as le restaurant, le parc, l’ecole and so on. The students have been watching a French cartoon about Matt le magnifique, a character who explores different places in French.

Matt le magnifique

MUSIC - We talked about and watched a short video on making wind instruments. The Grade 2s discussed what we are thankful for and sang the Raffi song “Thanks A Lot”.  We are starting a song that uses sign language.

Please note that attendance (from Grades 1 to 5) is taken following the national anthem.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.