Grade 2 - September 15 / 2017

Weekly Highlights:
It has been a great first full week and we thank you to all who were able to attend Curriculum Night. Next week we will be inquiring about the healthy choices we make and begin investigating how some of our body systems work.

Math: We will explore different ways we can represent patterns as well as recognizing patterns that involve number.

Literacy: We are starting to write and read lists as an introduction to creating procedures/instructions.

French: We were introduced to our new play, Ou est mon chien?, a story about a little girl searching for her dog. Also, this was the first week of the sac a surprises. This is a prize bag that comes out every two weeks to reward all of the students who speak exclusively in French. They are allowed to say three English words per class and they can still get a ticket. Tickets are handed out every class to give positive reinforcement to students who comply with the French only rule. Au revoir!

Art: The Grade 2 students are off to a great start in art class. Students are learning about the Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris, and experimenting with colour mixing in acrylic paint. I am collecting large size button up dress shirts to be used as painting smocks in our art studio.This is a great way to repurpose unwanted clothing. As always, thank you so much for your support. 

Music: Grade 2 students are reviewing simple Orff arrangements as they can be applied to new material in preparation for songs that contain greater musical texture. Students will look at material with 4-part accompaniment, including more complex ostini - a short melody or rhythmic pattern that repeats throughout a song.  


Traffic: Please respect the rules of the road at drop off and pick up and follow proper York School procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Homework: If you have not yet completed your parent “homework” please try to get it to Mr. Heyes and Ms. Kendra this week.

Headphones: we are asking that each child has a set of headphones at school, marked clearly with their name in a plastic baggie. Thanks in advance.