Grade 2 - March 1 / 2019



Our math unit on Regrouping and Problem Solving has come to an end and we have launched our new math unit on Data Management and Probability. Students have had the opportunity to explore probability through probability spinner experiments. They are becoming more familiar with the mathematical language associated with probability, such as likely, unlikely, certain, impossible.


In language, students continue to build on their paragraph and persuasive writing skills. Students have been introduced to different types of graphic organizers to help them organize their thoughts before writing their paragraph. Students are learning ways to make their paragraphs more interesting or persuasive by adding adjectives.  


The Art department is in need of some new collage materials. If you have any magazines or picture books you are looking to recycle, please send them to school with your child as an art room donation. Thank you in advance for your ongoing support!


IN PHE, this week the garde 2’s started a Net/Wall Games unit. Over the coming weeks they will play activities in which players send an object towards a court or target area that an opponent is defending. The aim is to cause the object to land in the target area while making it difficult for the opponent to return the object. By playing these games, participants will learn the key skills and tactics in games such as Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton and Squash.


In Music, the Grade 2s are improvising on the pentatonic (5-note) scale. The students are also practising songs for Grandparents Day in April. The Grade 2s listened to Gymnopedie by Eric Satie and drew what they felt. They then wrote one sentence, Music makes me feel or I think …. of this music.”


In French, the students had an amazing time attending the Gregg Lerock concert, on February 26th 2019. The students enjoyed singing, dancing and, for some of the chosen audience members, dancing on the stage with Gregg Lerock himself. In class, the students continued to work on les questions partielles, that is partial questions. These are questions that include part of the answer in the question itself. They are also questions that include the words qui, ou, quand, comment et pourquoi (who, where, when, how and why) and so on. Practising saying these questions and answering them help with the students’ fluency in French.


In math, students will be creating surveys to collect and record data. Students will be learning how to record their data using tally marks, pictographs and bar graphs.

Students are very engaged in our Technology unit. Mr. Shaikh our IT teacher has been coming in weekly to teach students the basics of coding. Next week, the students will have the opportunity to create their own maze with coding, which they will share with you during their student centred conference.

Wednesday, March 6th will be Simcoe and McClung House Colour Accessory Day. This is a reward to Simcoe for bringing in the most donations for the New Circles Clothing Drive and to McClung for winning the 'Bring It' challenge. Students in those two houses can wear red and yellow accessories with their regular uniform.


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Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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