Grade 2 - Sept. 5 / 2019


What a great week in Grade 2! We spent the time getting to know one another and building new relationships. You may have noticed that we sent home a Google Form today. If you could take a few minutes to fill it in and let us know about your child, we would really appreciate your input!

As you may already know, in Grade 2 the students come to school every day dressed in their regular school uniform. When they have PHE class, the students bring their gym clothes downstairs in a bag and change in the changerooms. Therefore, if you could please send a bag with gym clothes to school, that would be much appreciated. We will remind the students to bring home the gym bag on Fridays so that you have the opportunity to wash the clothing, should you wish. 

Your child may have informed you that in Grade 2 they use Chromebooks! If you could please send in a pair of headphones (with your child’s name and inside a baggie) that would be much appreciated!

We will be heading on a field trip to Ninjaz on September 16th as part of our first Unit of Inquiry, Who we are (healthy bodies). You can view the Venturing Out form here. There is no need to print out the Venturing Out form and return it to school. It is provided for your information only. There is, however, a consent form from Ninjaz that must be signed and returned by Friday, September 13th in order for your child to attend this trip. We require one parent volunteer for each class. Please email your child’s teacher if you are interested in helping us out!

Please click on your child’s class to view his/her academic timetable:

2A (Mr. Rand)

2B (Ms. Purcell)

First Day of Grade 2!

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