Grade 3 - Oct. 17 / 2019


Unit of Inquiry

This week, we launched into researching different Early Canadian communities: European settlers, First Nations and Black settlers. We did this during guided reading where students worked in a small group with a teacher to support the learning. We are focussing our research on the elements of each community and whether they met the criteria for what makes a caring community.


We are wrapping up our unit on patterning and place value. Place value is the foundation for number sense. A solid understanding of place value is essential to develop a strong number sense and an understanding of all computational methods. Students’ ability to compute mentally, and to learn computational algorithms in a meaningful way, are dependent upon a firm understanding of the base-ten place-value numeration system.


The Grade 3’s have continued to play unconventional invasion games such as Hoopster which is similar to European Handball, and Pin Soccer which is similar to Soccer. It is great to see the students transfer their skills to a variety of games.


Who was Beethoven? Grade 3 students have listened to Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata Movements 1 and 3. We are exploring the composer’s life and learning about his challenge living with deafness and how that impacted his life but didn’t stop him from composing beautiful music that is still listened to today.


This week we had new center games that students got to explore and play with related to the fall season and high-frequency words in the classroom. Next week students will get conversation prompts to use this vocabulary in a natural setting. Some questions include;

  • Qu’est ce que tu aime manger pendant l’automne? (what do you like to eat during the fall?)

  • Qu’est ce que tu aime faire pendant l’automne? (what do you like to do during fall?)

  • Qu’est ce que tu vois pendant l'automne? (what do you see during fall?)


The Grade Three students are working on acrylic painting skills that they will be using as the next step in developing their ongoing self-portrait piece.


Winter uniform officially started on October 15th. Please ensure that all of your child’s belongings are labelled with their name on it. There have been reports of missing clothing items and mixed up uniforms. Mix ups can easily happen in a crowded hallway or change room. As a result, please have your child check their PE bag weekly to ensure they have all their belongings.


If you have a need to place your child into Aftercare on an occasional basis, please contact Lamar Khatib at

As well, if your child is in Aftercare but has plans to go home with another student from Aftercare, please contact Lamar with the details.

Reporting an absence?

If your child(ren) are going to be absent from school for any reason, please send an email to as well as to their homeroom teacher. If your child is returning to school during the day, please have him/her sign in with reception.

Here are the schedules for Grade 3s:

Ms. Cummings (3B) - click here

Mr. Daoust (3A) - click here

Homework Options

Sora @ Home - Reading on the a device

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 2.33.39 PM.png

 -  or 

York Library card number is the student’s York username [First letter of your first name + your last name + last 2 digits of the year of high school graduation. For example, this year’s Grade 3 students graduate in 2029]. A password is not necessary.

Each patron can check out 5 digital books for a three week loan period each.

Students have access to 2000 plus collection of audiobooks, ebooks and read-along books.

Happy Reading from Ms. Spencer!

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IXL @ Home

We are pleased to tell you that we will be using a website called IXL in our classroom this year. IXL is a comprehensive learning program offering unlimited math and English language arts practice across thousands of skills—all of which are aligned to the provincial curriculum, but based on US Common Core, so there are some discrepancies. One of the best things about IXL is that your child can access it from home, so you have a chance to see your child's progress!

To get your child started on your home computer, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your child's username and password and click "Sign in."

    • Username  

    • (your child’s first initial last name 29 - NO SPACES)
      Password 123456  

  3. Click on any skill to start learning!

IXL is designed to help your child learn at his or her own pace. The program is adaptive and will adjust based on your child's demonstrated understanding of the material. All of your child's results will be saved, so you can monitor his or her progress anytime by clicking on Analytics. For on-the-go practice, you can download IXL’s free tablet apps for iPad, Android, or Kindle and sign in with your child’s username and password.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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