Grade 3 - November 17 / 2017


In language and inquiry, we have been comparing different versions of Cinderella. As we read the different versions, we try to identify the beliefs and values that come through in the story. This takes a lot of critical thinking and we have been impressed with the depth of the students’ understanding about cultural beliefs and values.

Our visit to the Aga Khan Museum was an amazing cultural adventure. Please click on this link to view pictures from this trip.


We continue to delve into what culture is and how we define it. We think of culture as an iceberg; there is much of it that we do not see beneath the surface, but it is represented in our beliefs and values. We will be using ‘Cinderella’ stories from across different cultures to explore these concepts. During this time, we will also focus on the features of a fairy tale and narrative writing. Stay tuned for more information on our blossoming authors in Grade 3!

In mathematics, we have switched gears and started a unit on graphing and data management.

The learning goals for this unit are:

  • Sort and classify objects and data

  • Collect and organize data

  • Draw graphs

  • Interpret graphs

  • Conduct surveys

In French, students are strongly encouraged to spend time on the AIM portal watching the video of the play and/or practising their gestures.



Important Dates

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