Grade 3 - November 24 /2017


In mathematics, we have switched gears and started a unit on graphing and data management.This week the students learned how to write strong survey questions to learn more about their classmates.

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We also did some review in small groups to subtract 2 and 3-digit numbers with regrouping. The students used the base tens to show this concept, but we threw in an extra challenge - they used playing cards to create 2 numbers. They had to create the greatest number and then create the smallest number and subtract. Then, they had to change their numbers to involve regrouping. They were such rockstars!  

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In guided reading, we focussed on retelling the important events in a story. Students also re-read a Cinderella from another culture and pulled out the different cultural features that are unique to each one. For example, in Yeh Shen, the Chinese Cinderella, Yeh Shen dresses in a fine azure cloak with golden slippers. In the Rough-Faced Girl, the Algonquin Cinderella, the Rough-Faced Girl wears a birchbark dress, wampum and moccasins.

The students were also really excited to start mapping out their very own Cinderella stories, as well as designing their own cultural artifact. Stay tuned for some exciting developments from our talented and creative Grade 3s!

In French, students are strongly encouraged to spend time on the AIM portal watching the video of the play and/or practising their gestures.


New Online Learning Tool: IXL

Next week, we will be introducing the Grade 3s to a new online learning tool called IXL. Please see our letter to parents about how and why we’re using it. Please note: we will be assigning some IXL practice questions as homework in lieu of the POW from time to time and this link shows you how to log in at home. It is not an expectation that your child complete IXL in addition to the POW. Should you have any questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.


Please send your child in with recycled materials to use for the creation of their cultural artifact. We are looking for things such as cracker boxes, egg cartons, plastic containers, canvases, string, etc.

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Mark your calendars for our next field trip to the Ontario Science Centre.  It will be on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017. We will be participating in one hands-on workshop, Building Structures, and viewing the IMAX film, Dream Big. This will serve as a provocation for our new unit of inquiry on How the World Works. Please read here for the Venturing Out Form. We will need 2-3 parent volunteers from each class to join us. Please e-mail your child’s homeroom teacher if you are interested in joining us for the day.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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