Grade 3 - November 9 / 2017


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We wish everyone a safe and happy long weekend. We will see you all on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017.

On Wednesday, we visited the beautiful Aga Khan Museum. It showcases Islamic artwork, Iranian artwork, and Muslim culture. The Grade 3s enjoyed an engaging tour of the museum, sketched their own Islamic-inspired design with gold leaf accents and created their own clay tile. Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for joining us for the full day!

In math, we continued to explore the concepts of multi-digit addition and subtraction, estimation and mental math strategies.

In language and inquiry, we delved into what culture is and how we define it. We think of culture as an iceberg; there is much of it that we do not see beneath the surface, but it is represented in our beliefs and values. We will be using ‘Cinderella’ stories from across different cultures to explore these concepts. During this time, we will also focus on the features of a fairy tale and narrative writing. Stay tuned for more information on our blossoming authors in Grade 3!



The focus of our Personal Social Education (PSE)  classes this month have been about making choices at recess that will help to de-escalate problems (or make them smaller). The students have been working with the Problem Solving Wheel as a tool for making responsible choices. The students have also had the opportunity to redesign the Problem Solving Wheel and have contributed excellent ideas for strategies that could be added to a redesigned wheel. Please ask them about their contributions!

For more photos of our school events and happenings, please view our  Facebook page ! 

For more photos of our school events and happenings, please view our Facebook page


Congratulations to our Athletes of the Month for September and October!  Thomas Claydon and Maya Bentley were presented with the September Athletes of the Month, and Helen Ye and Lennon Bussoli-Dobrow took the October prizes!  Go Gladiators!



Nutrition Committee

Are you interested in becoming the next Chair of our Nutrition Committee? Now is the time to put your name forward to join a group of parents, teachers, administrators and food service providers to lead conversations about healthy eating at our Junior School. If you are interested please contact Jennifer Wyatt at

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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