Grade 3 - April 20 /2018

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In Mathematics, we continued to investigate fractions. We have now looked at fractions of a whole, fractions of a length and fractions of a set. This week, we used Cuisenaire rods and fraction circles to inquiry into mixed fractions. We also looked at how fractions can be related to money. Our next unit is related to fractions - probability! We will be playing a variety of games and looking at the language used with probable and improbable events.

This week in Inquiry, we continued to look at how public service announcements are designed to be persuasive. We watched a variety of public service announcements on a variety of subjects. We made a list of ways to do so, in hopes that the children will incorporate these ideas when they create their own public service announcements. We also looked at how all of our rights come with responsibilities and brainstormed some of these accompanying relationships.

In Guided Reading, we had four stations. We had a spelling station. We had a Reader’s Theatre station in which students worked with Mr. Hosios to investigate the features of a scripts, as well as, develop their dramatic flair with a variety of short plays. We also had a reading station in which we further developed ournotetaking skills, with the context being a variety of organizations that protect children’s rights. Our last station was a writing station. The children are learning to be persuasive in their writing by using a variety of techniques and by thinking of their audience.

In Art, the Grade 3 students are starting the final copy of their Keith Haring-inspired art that represents aparticular right that is listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. These pieces of art will eventually be transferred onto their own, custom t-shirt.

In Music, students have received their new recorder books, which need to travel back and forth to school. The accompanying CDs can stay at home. We play recorders in class on Mondays and Wednesdays. The recorder and books/CDs were purchased as a package for the amazing value of $10 plus tax.If your child received only the book/CD, and not the recorder, then your account will be charged $5. The recorders will also be used in Grade 4. Students will need to practise pages 4 and 5. Students are welcome to go ahead, but only two pages in advance of the assigned pages. Please use the accompaniment tracks as they greatly enhance your listening experience. Practise expectation is a minimum of ten minutes every other day. Students are reminded to use a gentle air flow and to cover the holes with their fingerprints to produce a pleasant sound.

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