Grade 3 - May 3 / 2018

The York Shop
The York Shop is clearing out all of the new uniform (sample sizing) with the same pricing as Top Marks. We have one of most uniform items, with the exception of green golf shirts for summer uniform.  Please email me your child’s name, grade, size and item of interest to inquire. Items will be delivered to either reception area for pick up. First come, first served. Contact:

This week in homeroom, the Grade 3s designed their very own probability games. They were given a set of criteria to include in their game and to explain how their game was fair.  Here are some pictures of students in action. Our next unit in Math will be measurement, including time, temperature, money, capacity and mass.

We also focused on researching different children’s rights including the right to clean water, healthy food, healthcare, education and to be safe from harm. Together, with their research group, students then began to formulate a script for their Public Service Announcement. Stay tuned for their videos!

On Thursday, the Grade 3s were treated to an in-house musical performance of Tree Boy by To Be Determined Theatre Company. The performance was a provocation for our final unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet.

In Art, Grade 3 is finishing up their unit on Keith Haring and children’s rights.  They used Keith Haring’s style of painting to express a particular children’s right. These paintings will be turned into t-shirts.  Coming up next, the students will be connecting to their Sharing the Planet unit and exploring nature art by looking at the work of artists, like Andrew Goldsworthy. They will need to collect small items in nature to bring to the Art room for their final art piece.

In Music, Grade 3 students are so thrilled to be able to play three notes on the recorder; B, A and G. Now we can play several well-known favourites like Hot Cross Buns. Our routine in class has three steps. 1. Sing the note names, using the “finger staff”. 2. Sing the piece using the note names and apply the recorder fingering as you sing. 3. Play the piece. Practice expectations are ten minutes every other day in order to improve fluency.

Closing Assembly
On Friday, June 15, 2018, at 10:45 a.m., the Junior School students and faculty will gather in the gym at the Junior School for our closing assembly. In the past, a closing ceremony was held at the Middle and Senior School on the last day of school; however, this year, to include our JK and SK students and to make the length of the assembly more reasonable for our young learners, the assembly is at the Junior School.

Parent will have an opportunity to view the assembly via a live stream and a video that will be shared after the assembly. Students look forward to welcoming parents to the class parties that will take place in the afternoon in each classroom. Thank you for your support!

If your child is interested in purchasing a CD of Gregg’s music, please click here for form and return by Friday May 11.

Summer uniform officially began this week. Please note that summer uniform is optional. However, it is important that children are wearing the appropriate uniform. Please see the infographic below for assistance. Any colour running shoe may be worn, but it is recommended to have a pair for indoors and outdoors, especially on rainy days.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.25.43 AM.png

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.