Grade 3 - October 19 / 2018


LANGUAGE: This week we focused on editing our journal entries. We used a checklist to ensure we have all the features of a journal.  We also edited our writing using the acronym C.O.P.S. During Inquiry, the Grade 3’s compared their current way of life in Toronto with the way of life of early European settlers.

MATH: We started a new, short unit on motion geometry. This week, we used grids to help us move from one place to another. We also mastered how to use a grid to slide, turn and flip an object. The skills and concepts developed in this unit enhance students’ ability to navigate their spatial world. Active exploration of motion geometry at this level establishes a solid foundation that is necessary for learning and applying math in higher grades. The work in this unit is closely connected to other areas of study, such as art, science, and social studies.

ART: The Grade 3’s glazed their Vincent van Gogh inspired pendants. The glaze will highlight all of the detail and texture students added to their work. Also, the art room is always looking for clean recycling (boxes, paper towel rolls, take out containers, egg cartons…)!

PSE: We have begun using a tool called the Blueprint to understand multiple perspectives, build the skills of empathy, and resolve conflicts. Here is an example of the Blueprint for Grades 1-3. Currently, we are using the Blueprint to help sort through conflicts in literature. The students are building understanding of the steps as we use the tool to help us sort through the issues of the characters in our stories. The students have quickly recognized that although conflict is a natural part of life, the more empathy and responsibility we exercise when these conflicts occur, the stronger and more successful our friendships and our community will be.

MUSIC: This week we learned our third note - G. Please practise pieces on pages 4, 5 and 6. Students are welcome to continue to page 7 if they are playing pages 4,5 and 6 fluently without any pauses. Remember that the sound quality is really important. A few reminders about gentle air and using fingerprints to fully cover the holes will be helpful to your child.


Toronto Raptors Tickets

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