Grade 3 - November 2 / 2018


What a week! A big thank you to all of our Grade 3 parents that joined us at Parent-Teacher Conferences over the last two weeks. We are grateful for the time we get together and so proud of the students’ progress this year.
Another big thank you to the parents that helped us celebrate Halloween on Wednesday. It was a spooktacular afternoon!

Unit of Inquiry

During Inquiry this week, we focussed on filming our early Canadian community skits on a green screen. Stay tuned for the finished pieces!


We have also started a new spelling sort and practiced our sorts using SeeSaw to reflect on the patterns and oddballs.

A note about SeeSaw: Ms. Cummings & Ms. Newell have been experimenting with SeeSaw this week. We are first time users!  We are keeping a growth mindset about using this as a teaching and learning tool. Please stay tuned for more details about how we are using SeeSaw to communicate with students and families AND how we plan to document students’ learning! We are excited by its potential to provide more consistent and transparent school-home communication.

How to access SeeSaw:

  1. Click on this link:

    1. 3B families (Cummings)

    2. 3A families (Newell)

  2. Choose your child from the list

  3. Create your account

  4. Once you are approved, you can see content from your child

After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. You can also access Seesaw from a computer at

If you used Seesaw last year or have more than one child using Seesaw, follow the link above, then click the 'Sign in' tab at the top of the screen. You do not need to create a new account.!


In Math, this week, we dug a little deeper into the patterns you can find using addition and subtraction. Over the next few weeks, your child will develop strategies for adding and subtracting whole numbers by using addition charts, mental math, estimation, Base Ten Blocks, place-value mats, and pencil and paper. In this unit, your child will:

  • Describe properties of addition

  • Recall basic addition and subtraction facts

  • Identify and apply relationships between addition and subtraction

  • Add and subtract 2-digit numbers

  • Use mental math to add and subtract

  • Estimate sums and differences

  • Add and subtract 3 digit numbers

The ability to use a variety of strategies to add and subtract leads to the development of a strong sense of number. Numbers are all around us and the skills taught in this unit are essential for daily living.


This week in Art, the Grade 3’s learned about variety and created colourful paper with watercolour paint. They used various textures to create these papers. Then students cut their paper into various shapes to create their favourite food. The Art room is always looking for recycled materials for building projects. This includes shoe boxes, egg cartons, paper towel rolls and so much more!


In PSE, we have continued to learn the steps of the Blueprint to help understand multiple perspectives, build the skills of empathy, and resolve conflicts. In one of the Blueprint steps, students practiced making “repairs.” A repair can include an verbal apology and an action. Students brainstormed different repair actions, such as give a hug, check to see if the person is okay, fix something that was broken, or ask the person to join in a game. We also discussed how repairs require people to be their “best selves” and so timing is important. When we are our best selves we are able to make a sincere repair and forgive with an open heart.


Don’t forget to register your child in one of our Junior School Athletic Programs that are being offered for the winter term Check out our Gladiator Athletic Development Programme where we offer alternative sports!

Click here to sign up!

If you have registered your child for the Athlete Institute for the High Performance basketball led by led by NBA and International Shooting/Skills Development Coach, David Nurse please note there has been a change in dates due the gym being used for the Drama Production. Sessions originally scheduled for Friday, November 30th to Sunday December 2nd have been moved to Friday January 11th to Sunday January 13th. An email will be sent out as well for a friendly reminder but the session details will remain the same and will be changed on the google form that can be accessed here.


Our next contest will be taking place Wednesday November 14th, 2018 at 8:30 AM in the cafeteria.

The next interactive question will be the DOTS game. This can be accessed on our Games/History page. It will not be accessible one day before the contest and not during the 2 contest days since the web site can be used to solve the contest question and because when some parts of the world still have Tuesday, other parts have already Wednesday, i.e. contest day.

Students are welcomed to practice at home! If you have any questions, please contact


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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