Grade 3 - November 16 / 2018


With the cold weather upon us, please ensure that your children are dressed for the weather. It is also very important to label any new winter belongings as some of the children may not be familiar with their new accessories or may take off some layers at recess.

Although it’s been a short week, we have had a productive one! In math, we have continued to practice how to regroup using Base Tens, as well as how to estimate and use mental math to check our thinking. This is the focus of this week’s POW. We also explored subtraction using the Base Tens and on Wednesday, the two classes came together to play a Base Ten adding and subtracting game with dice. It was a rich task that had the children thinking deeply.

During guided reading, we’ve focused on strategies to monitor comprehension. Our text selections have focused on different types of animal-made and man-made structures. Students also had an opportunity to build a strong and stable structure using different materials. They reflected on how their structures were strong and stable and why. Students then had an opportunity to rebuild and make improvements.

This week in Art, the Grade 3s began learning about Australian Aboriginal art. They identified elements of the Aboriginal style and began to create a background for their own piece. They used warm OR cool colours to split their background into sections. The Art room is currently looking for shoeboxes, wire hangers, and any clean, recycled materials.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.