Grade 3 - December 20 / 2018

G3 Homeroom News

A special thank you to our class parents for all their efforts so far his year! The children are lucky to have such a dedicated and organized group of parents!


Ms Cummings and Ms Newell would like to wish you all a very relaxing and restful holiday. Happy New Year and we look forward to more great fun in Grade 3  in 2019.

Grade 3 was a construction zone this week with two days of building structures with tape and hot glue! This was our summative task for our unit on how structures are built to be strong and stable to be useful. There was a lot of hands-on learning and innovation happening in the classrooms and hallways. Students tested their structures with a 2kg weight on top and by using our earthquake simulator. It’s going to be a hard unit to top, but we will begin the new year fresh with a unit on how we express our values and beliefs through our culture.

Also this week in math, we put the finishing touches on our 3D solids in Tinkercad. Over the course of 3 homeroom periods, the students mastered how to design a 3D solid using the online platform! This will help to prepare them as they get to do more 3D designing in Grades 4 and 5!

Excitement is mounting for our our Harmony Concert tomorrow (December 21st). We would like students to wear their long-sleeved green sweater with the white shirt for the concert. If you don’t have a sweater, the green cardigan or the long-sleeved green polo shirt will also work. Here is a link to audio files and PDFs of pieces for practise at home. Students will need to memorize their songs and pieces. Short frequent practise sessions at home work best.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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