Grade 3 - March 8/ 2019

Homeroom News

This week in homeroom, we wrapped up our math unit on multiplication and division. Over the last few days, we touched on the concept of probability and played some fun games related to our chances of winning. We will be returning to this concept later in the year, but following the March Break, we will be exploring the concept of linear measurement.  

In guided reading, we focused on non-fiction texts and how to synthesize important information. We made jot notes to record the most important details from the text. We also made connections to how the land is used in Ontario to meet the needs of the people living there. As well, we discussed that the way land is used can have both positive and negative consequences. For example, logging is a large industry in the Canadian Shield. This industry provides jobs and materials for building/manufacturing goods, a positive consequence. However, a negative consequence is the impact it has on the environment and the animal habitats that are affected by this industry.

Attendance Reminder

A gentle reminder that all student absences should be emailed to
As well, if your child arrives late, please have them sign in with Ms. Kate or reception.



In PHE this week, the Grade 3s finished off the net/wall unit by playing blind volleyball with the parachute covering the net and more Newcomb ball.


Students polished their performance of Kagome on the recorder. The sound quality in the lower notes is really improving. We listened to an Irish Reel and learned some dance moves in honour of St Patricks’ Day.


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Our next contest date will be taking place Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 8:30 AM in the cafeteria. Students will be reminded to bring Chromebooks to the cafeteria for the contest. The next interactive question will be the two weeks prior to the contest.


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Travelling or staying home this March Break and need something to read?

Here are the iPad instructions for Sora -- our OverDrive Digital Library.
[1] Go to the App Store and download the free Sora App
[2] Find the York School [it should appear on your screen if you have your location on]
[3] Type in your child's library number / York username [First letter of your first name + your
last name + last 2 digits of the high school graduation]
[4] A password is not necessary.

Each patron can check out and DOWNLOAD 5 digital books for a two-week loan period.

Happy Reading! Ms. Spencer

Athlete Institute Next Sessions

Our next sessions for the Athlete Institute will be for High Performance basketball  led by NBA and International Shooting/Skills Development Coach, David Nurse. This is a great opportunity to come and learn and develop your basketball skills.If you partake in The York Basketball community you should sign up for at least 1 of these sessions that are being offered. Sessions are scheduled for Friday, March 29th to Sunday March 31st. You can sign up using the google form by clicking here.


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