Grade 4 - Oct. 17 / 2019


Thank you

Thank you to all of the parents for coming out this past Thursday to participate in our annual Parent Tech Morning. We look forward to continuing the conversations with your children throughout the year as we navigate through digital world by making safe choices. Here is the slide show from our presentation. 

Afzal Shaikh

Unit of Inquiry

We continue to explore the physical characteristics of Canada with a focus on the seven physical regions. Next Friday, students will be quizzed on the political and physical maps of Canada. They will need to identity provinces, territories and physical regions. We will be reviewing the maps and terms in class and maps will be sent home for review as well.


During the last week, we had our first Literature Circle discussion about our Who Is/Was books. The books are a hit! The students loved talking about them. Each week the students are summarizing a section of the book. We have been working on the reading strategy of summarizing and this skill is very familiar to the students. In addition, they will complete an activity for another reading strategy - connecting, asking questions and investigating. We have been having many rich discussions about why effective readers use a variety of reading strategies when engaging with text.

In writing, we have been investigating the features of a friendly letter. Over the next few weeks, we will be drafting several of these letters, while also working on our proofreading skills. Our goal is to send these letters to students in another region of Canada so that we can concentrate our letters around different physical regions of Canada. In return, the students (from another region) can respond to our students. Stay tuned!


We continue to consolidate the concepts of addition and subtraction. We have been using a variety of strategies to find sums and differences. For example, we have been using: mental math strategies, friendly numbers, expanding numbers and the traditional stacking strategy. We have been discussing the importance of estimating as a method to evaluate the reasonableness of our answers. 


The Grade 4’s continue to work on their invasion game unit. Students are playing a variety of soccer-like games, building our way up to a 2-net soccer game. We are also exploring some sport-specific skills such as passing and dribbling.


Students continue to review rhythm concepts using dice games. As well, Grade 4 students continue to rehearse and performing O Canada. Our goal is to record a performance from 4A and 4B to be played each morning for the junior school community to sing along within the next coming weeks. 


This week we had new center games that students got to explore and play with related to the fall season and high frequency words in the classroom. Next week students will get conversation prompts to use this vocabulary in a natural setting. Some questions include;

  • Qu’est ce que tu aime manger pendant l’automne? (what do you like to eat during the fall?)

  • Qu’est ce que tu aime faire pendant l’automne? (what do you like to do during fall?)

  • Qu’est ce que tu vois pendant l'automne? (what do you see during fall?)  


The Grade Four students are practicing watercolour techniques and creating beautiful Remembrance Day Poppies paintings to be displayed in the comings weeks.


Please see our schedules linked below. Please note that subject blocks may change from time to time but we will use this as a guide.

4B Class Schedule

4A Class Schedule

Click here for instructions on how to set up your child's Yorkschool Google account at home.

Should you like some additional practice, here are some great options:

IXL **- online math and language-based skills practice 

To sign in to your child’s IXL account - you need to access IXL through the York School website/portal. Once there, you need to click on JK-Grade 5 resources in the top green toolbar. After this, click on IXL. Their username is their first initial + last name + 28. Example: snewell28. Their password is: 123456.

BrainPop **- educational videos and quizzes on a variety of subjects

Students can log in to Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. from their Chrome Account. Once there, they need to go to Google Drive. In Drive there is an icon on the top toolbar that looks like a waffle or a 3x3 grid. Click on the icon - a variety of apps appear. If you click on “More” an icon for Brain Pop appears. Once this icon is clicked, your child will be directed to their account. They can switch between Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. once they are in Brain Pop.

Raz Kids - Grade 4 students now have access to Raz Kids. They each have a picture password. Each grade 4 class has a teacher code.

4A Code: mhudson57

4B Code: suznewell


If you have a need to place your child into Aftercare on an occasional basis, please contact Lamar Khatib at

As well, if your child is in Aftercare but has plans to go home with another student from Aftercare, please contact Lamar with the details.

Reporting an Absence?

If your child(ren) are going to be absent from school for any reason, please send an email to as well as to their homeroom teacher. If your child is returning to school during the day, please have him/her sign in with reception.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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