Grade 4 - October 27 / 2017


Students have been busy while wrapping up their learning digital citizenship and moving on to a new unit (see below). Lots of digital tools have been meaningfully employed, including SeeSaw for the collection of their learning, Chatterpix to bring their Who Is/Was books to life, and Quizlet/Quizzizz to engage students in the content. Thank you for attending the interviews this week. We’ll see the rest of you next week! Until then, have a wonderful weekend.

The Grade 4 students kicked off their new unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme who we are. They participated in activities to jump-start their thinking about Canada and its physical and political regions while also having an opportunity to ask questions to help drive the class’ inquiry. During this unit, students will consider Canada’s relationship between the natural environment and industrial development. We’ll consider what our responsibility is while balancing human wants and needs with environmental stewardship.

Our writing focus for this unit will be letter writing. We will be looking at both friendly letter format and writing to inform.

We will be starting guided reading groups with a Canadian theme. The literacy focus will be Text Patterns and Summarizing. We will also be using the R.A.C.E method to help students express their reading comprehension in writing. We are continuing with our spelling programme.

We encourage students to use Typing Club in their free time. This can be found on the Junior School Resources.

Students have been exploring the various strategies to subtract numbers. They’re using these strategies to solve problems and develop a much deeper understanding of the number system. While learning about Canada, we’ll be exploring measurement, including metric units of measurement.

Students are getting ready for Halloween in French class by singing C’est l’Halloween, a French classic!

A big thank you to the JS community!
70 costumes collected
64 accessories
100 more kids helped

A total of 312 kids in Toronto received costumes from New Circles thanks to your support!

Another busy week gone by! Congratulations to the cross country team for a spectacular performance at the championships this week!


Our U10 & U11 Soccer teams, and our U11 Girls Basketball team, all play in the CISAA Championships this weekend!  Check the team pages for all the details!  Go Gladiators!


In Visual Arts, The Grade 4 students will be working on an art piece that aims to solidify their knowledge and understanding of the elements and principles of art and design. We are using found objects, or “junk” items to create abstract art demonstrating visual balance, emphasis, pattern, line, unity, shape and space. The students will be coming home looking for junk items they can bring to school for this art piece. Anything in your junk drawers will most likely be great for this work (other than glass objects or batteries). Items from a hardware store such as bolts, washers, screws, cogs, etc. are also great items. The kids are really looking forward to creating with their found objects!

The winter uniform requires students to wear black dress shoes in school. They should also have outdoor shoes available for recess and pick up and drop off. Sweaters should be worn with pants and kilts.

Students are reminded to return their homework folders and agendas to the classroom every morning.

Please help your son or daughter remember to bring their library books in every Friday so they can turn them in and take out some new ones!

Every morning, the Junior School takes a mindful moment, led by Ms. Mary Moffat-Johansson at 8:25 a.m. In order to help our students and staff effectively practise, we require the hallways on the second and third floors to be silent. Students arriving during the mindful moment will be asked to wait on the first floor with Ms. Faba or another staff member until the mindful moment is over.

Signs ups have started for Winter teams and GADPs - please click here to register.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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