Grade 4 - November 24 / 2017


Grade 4 had an awesome trip to Norval on Monday! Thank you to all of our parents for getting their children here on time so we could leave promptly. The weather was cool but sunny and we enjoyed our adventure in the woods! Highlights include: the boat races, the boat launch, watching from the bridge, hiking beside the river, orienteering, solving Canadian trivia, and hot chocolate!

Looking Ahead

We will be wrapping our ‘Who We Are - Canada’ unit up next week with our summative. Students have been busy discussing the relationship between the natural environment and industrial development. We have also worked on activities that looked at the many different perspectives of people and industries across Canada. It led to interesting conversations about balancing human wants and needs with environmental stewardship.

We have wrapped our measurement unit (units of measurement, perimeter and area) and will be starting our next unit multiplication and division next week. Please start to review times tables at home.

We are continuing with our Spelling programme next week as well as writing informative letters.


A gentle reminder that students should have black dress shoes at school for the winter uniform and a second pair of outdoor shoes or boots for recess and dismissal.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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